My doctor classification of me as Secondary Diabetes?

Well, well, well. I did some digging, well really, my endo's staff finally uploaded some of my files on his web portal for my view. My endo has classified me as not Type 1 or Type 2, which I am surprised because at my initial second opinion for diabetes visit in August with him he said I had Type 2 diabetes.

Now, in my web file, he lists me as "Secondary Diabetes". Looking that term up in the medical dictionary---it means my diabetes was brought on by my prednisone medication due to my RA.

Anyone's doctor ever use this term with them? This is just getting weirder and weirder. First he won't run the autoimmune tests because "he doesn't do those kind of tests" and now he's classified me as Secondary Diabetes.

Is this his way of saying LADA without saying it and without doing the tests?

One of the common side effects of prednisone is weight gain. Maybe he sees prednisone causing weight gain; and weight gain causing T2 diabetes? Did you gain weight after starting on prednisone?

Also I see you aren't taking insulin or any other medication to lower BG, and controlling with diet and exercise. Did he call you diabetic or "pre-diabetic"? Due to your ability to control without medication, and without knowing anything more about you, T1 and LADA seem less likely.

So right Eucritta. Originally he said Type 2, no arguments. Then he backtracked and said that I could be a combo of genetic, autoimmune due my thyroid, allergies, and RA and the fact that I have taken Prednisone for close to 20 years. But not to stop it because it would be worse to let the RA take control--increased inflammation.

Now my rheumy has reduced my prednisone and my CRP levels, SED rates are increasing as well as my WBC. My BGs are all over the place--high and low.

My last visit with the Endo he said he thought with the weight loss and reduced prednisone my A1C1 would be better instead of worse, and it's time to talk insulin at my next visit. Based on what I've read, secondary diabetes is not classified as either type 1 or type 2 but rather other (like gestational).

So since I've inquired about running the autoimmune tests, he's referred me back to my rheumy to do those, these files are now available showing secondary diabetes.

I did gain weight with prednisone, but it wasn't major until after 20 years I had a bad "attack" where my entire body basically swelled up. I think that's when everything went haywire, even major prednisone shots and z packs didn't help. I ran through RA treatments like candy. I'm on my second try with Remicade once a month (normally it is given every 6 weeks).

I was labeled diabetic in May '13 by the PCP, sent to the Endo in August '13 and given Metformin that made me extremely ill--lost almost every meal immediately after eating. BGs steady rising, reduced prednisone, resulting in more RA inflammation.

Now I'm losing weight without trying (drinking water day/night, traveling to the bathroom, have to eat at a certain time due to the "shakes") and A1C1 increasing so the Endo wants to discuss insulin in August. Fluctuating between highs/lows on a low-carb diet (no pasta, no rice, no potatoes, no bread).

I was always closely watched by my rheumy and PCP since I started prednisone and my BG and cholesterol have always been good, but something happened when I had that major RA flare (that lasted for 2.5 years).

What I don't understand is now that my prednisone has been reduced at the protest of my rheumy (over a period since June '13) my A1C1 numbers should have leveled off and the diabetes should have corrected itself rather than getting worse, it must be feeding off of my RA.

People at work are asking me what I'm doing to lose weight--uh, nothing.

Thanks Helen, next week is my infusion. I'm going to ask my rheumy about a referral to a Endo that he can work with and likes.

Thanks Euritta! Yes, you know my troubles well.

Thanks Jag for the response.

I had an elderly dog who was given prednisone for a minor skin condition. Within several days I was sure my dog had Type 1 diabetes (excessive thirst, urination, losing weight.) The vet agreed and prescribed insulin, which I gave my pet for the rest of his life. The vet told me, "Oh yes, that happens sometimes." I wish he told me that before he gave the prednisone. Pepper's BG at diagnosis was about 600.

"White coat syndrome"

I know the feeling--I don't want to be here, when can I leave, if I make a run for it will they notice that I'm gone....