My first week on the Omnipod

Janice according to this page about the Ping, it may calculate IOB the same way that the MM does (calculating all of the insulin rather than just correction boluses as IOB)…but I’m not positive. And I’ve only used a MM and the pod, so that’s all the first-hand experience that I have. You could always call Animas and just ask a customer service rep. According to their website it’s 877-YES-PUMP. I have heard that the Cozmo dealt w/ IOB like MM did (all boluses), but I would confirm that with a previous Cozmo wearer (again no personal experience)
I think this would be very good info to have as you move into this role as a peer to peer mentor–very cool!! Congrats.

Thanks…EXACTLY…that’s why I tossed the question out there. This seems to be an issue that continually comes up in discussions.

I encourage you to not let the vocal minority sway you think that Insulet’s customer service is not, in general, excellent; it is the best of any technology company I’ve ever dealt with except maybe for Apple (which you have to pay a premium to get, by the way). Yes, there are cases of poor service or lack of compassion on the other end of the line, but that’s definitely not the norm. Remember that displeased people are always going to be more vocal in a forum like this than those who are just getting along fine without problems; that’s just human nature and the nature of support forums like this: we tend to complain when there’s a problem way more than we praise for getting the job done.

On your “kicking ■■■” attitude: before starting OmniPod 2.5 years ago, I had been an MDI diabetic for about 20 years. I just kind of got by for most of that time, resolved to just try to not die too early from it. Becoming an 'Podder changed all that, changed my attitude; literally changed my life. With OmniPod, almost every day I feel like I am kicking this insidious disease’s ■■■! It’s empowering, and it works for me way better than MDI ever did. So if you want to kick ■■■ and take names, OmniPod is an excellent partner in that endeavor.

I’ve been told by several employees that many of the employees are diabetic and wear the OmniPod. Not all, of course, but from I’ve been told a significant percentage.

The Ping was the other insulin pump that I considered prior to choosing the OmniPod.

This has been so helpful! My prior searches on the omnipod only came back with posts from 2007-2009. The early one were really negative.
Now I just have to decide, do I switch now, or do I switch when I can change insurances next month?
A question…I have a lot of stretchmarks/scar tissue from being pregnant and weighing 220 years ago. When I hit this with an infusion set it HURTS, so this affects how much area I have for the needles. I have been known to put in a set, have it hit something bad, and have to start over with a new set. Does anyone else have this issue and found that it doesn’t matter with the omnipod?
I already like that I can put it on more areas of my body and it’s waterproof! I can’t wait to go tubess! Just nervous about having a pod set badly and have to throw it away. They are so expensive!


I think you’ll find the pod much more “foregiving” when it comes to infusion sittes. I myself have learned about two more sites tnan I was using just in the past few weeks here on TU, I was rotating very loyally from arm to ab, back to arm, back to ab (both left arnd right) and never really had any difficulty. As of last month, I have added my calf (left and right) which at first, proved difficult, but now it is working swimmingly. also doing my thighs, and upper butt. With all these options, you should do fine! Welcome to TU’s best group (at least i think so) and to being a podster!

Thanks Eric! I definitely appreciate it. Have you seen where I work? :slight_smile: I’m a manager at Dell and I do have my share of escalations at times. I’m good with Insulet. I hope the experience goes well. I hope there are no hiccups. Anyway, just a bit terrified of not getting my timing right and having to wait for refills, etc. But being diabetic this long, I’m used to steps to get ‘everything filled’. I’m sure I’ll get it down!

I’m still on the OmniPod. I must admit I’m not enjoying having it on me. I feel “less sexy!” Thank goodness I’m married! I am a bit concious about it, so over time I’m sure I will get used to it. I just don’t like it much and it’s a bit of a mental/emotional adjustment. BUT- less shots and dial ups and trends is cool. I’m definitely sticking it out. My A1Cs should definitely go down!

Have you tried wearing it on your back???