My haunted pump

I entered my bolus into my Paradigm pump this morning before breakfast and watched the thing
go bezerk. It randomly scrolled through numbers and no matter what I pressed it just kept on behaving
as though it had too much to drink. I kept on trying and it finally took the direction, although I had to
suspend a couple of times to keep it from delivering the wrong dose. I was ready to disconnect.
So… I called the corporation and they’re sending me a new pump on Monday. Here’s my question…
I’ve been high the last couple of days, up to 400 without good reason and I wonder if the delivery I’m
getting is skewed as well. Anyway, I have to go to shots for the next couple of days and wonder if
there’s any advice for a smooth experience, Halloween or no Halloween. Got a flat tire today, too,
lost my cell phone, and couldn’t get in at work because the key stuck in the door. Fun times!