My Mystery Diagnosis

I have an appointment this Thursday with my endocrinologist that I’ve been waiting almost a year for. He’ll tell me my GAD antibody test results. And I’m actually looking forward to finding out the truth either way. As bad as it is to have a diagnosis more severe than originally thought – this time last year, I thought I had gestational diabetes that would go away when I gave birth – it’'s better to have a proper diagnosis and learn to live with it.

My New Year’s resolution was to focus on the positive, so here goes:

If I’m Type 1.5/LADA

  • I’m already well-versed in taking insulin
  • I’ll get the help and support I need
  • My sons will have much less risk of developing diabetes than if I have Type 2

If I’m Type 2

  • I have a good chance of making huge improvements to my numbers by losing the extra weight (about 15 lbs.)
  • My medical costs will go down significantly
  • Won’t have to take insulin (at least for a while)

Wish me luck…

Wonderful attitude, Kelly!

Please let us know your official diagnosis.

Good luck with your appointment on Thursday, Kelly. I know that I’m LADA after tests last year showed that - until then I’d been told I was Type 2 although I didn’t fit in with all the usual Type 2 characteristics (if anything is USUAL with Diabetes !). Let us know what the result is and good on you for being so positive whichever the result is.