My Story

Just two months ago, I appeared like the average teenager. I would go to school, study for tests, and on weekends go to parties with my friends. One day, I noticed how much water I was drinking. Deciding it was probably just my body wanting more water, I didn't pay attention it. Days later, I would go to the bathroom frequently. If i wasn't craving water, I was craving the bathroom. Fatigue was normal, and I was losing weight fast. I decided to tell my mother to take me to the doctor. The night before the appointment, I googled the symptoms, and diabetes was the only thing that came up. When I told my parents the next day, they just laughed and said I was in over my head. After school, my mom took me to the doctor and after a couple tests, the doctor came in fast to have me rushed to the hospital. My bg was at 590. She was afraid I could convulse at any point. Arriving at the hospital, I was immediately given a room and after more bg and urine tests, i was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. The doctor was so casual about the diagnosis, probably being used to telling many patients they have diabetes. I was just another number.Receiving my first insulin injection, made me cry. It symbolized the start of a new life. It hurt so much, probably because it was injected in my arm, where I don't have much fat. This made me think that's how insulin injections would be.
After being hospitalized for five days, my life seemed to go back to normal. Somewhat normal. I learned how to do the injections and check my blood sugar. It's been two months since my diagnosis, and sometimes I still wake up thinking it was all a dream. At times, I've cried and tried to figure out what I've done wrong to have my pancreas stop working, or how i"m going to be able to prick my fingers 8 times a day for the rest of my life. They're sore a lot, and so are my thighs and stomach. But then, I think about how much worse it can be. Diabetes doesn't stop my life, it just makes me take some precautions. I can't say I'm feeling completely okay, but I am getting to the point where I don't feel pity for myself. This disease is more of a mental strength than anything else.
For my 18th birthday, it was my first time having a diabetic birthday. My birthday dinner was a bit stressful because the waiter took forever to get my food. My insulin was starting to work and lower my blood sugar, feeling a bit sick. Finally my food came and I was fine. Then, I accidentally overate, sky rocketing the sugar, which gave me a high that made me tense. For late night festivities, my friends and I went clubbing. This made me have nostalgia because they were drinking and having fun. I got to an episode of being jealous that they could drink with no care of how they'd feel, but I just sipped on water and tried to dance. Alcohol shouldn't determine whether you have fun or not, just felt like that freedom was taken from me.

Overral though, my birthday was amazing. And I am thankful for the available treatment for diabetics. Today, I'm working on being a strong woman, and can't wait to head to college soon!


Val, you are amazing! You figured out what was wrong before anyone else. You are well on your way to living well with diabetes if this self awareness continues. And, ya, it sucks to be different when you’re out with friends drinking, and I’m so glad you recognized the jealousy (that self awareness again!), but are okay with the reality of it all. Your story made me feel good. Thanks for sharing it and brightening up my day.

Welcome to Tu. I was 16 when I was dx'ed and didn't really have time to get upset about it that much. If you're 18, it's probably reasonable to wait until you're 21 to drink, as it can get expen$ive if you get busted. At the same time, it can be done with diabetes. Heh heh heh...

Gb: Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I hope every day is a bright day for you, Your response brightened up my day :)

acidrock23: It's awesome you didn't get that upset. We'll see what I learn is good to drink haha

Ever tried the freestyle meter & strips? You can test on your arm and avoid the pain on the fingers and it requires a lot less blood than normal test strips. I occasionally test on my fingers when its convenient (i.e. I am in class or in the car etc) but for the most part its on my arm and is virtually painless. I've been a T1D for 10 years and let me tell you that 18 is definitely a difficult time to get diagnosed with the pressures and convenience of alcohol (I know 21 is the legal age but most kids start drinking heavily in their early college years). If you ever need any answers or just want to talk to a young diabetic woman I am here for you!

I felt the same way you felt when I was diagnosed at 25. I was still clubing going out and having fun ... I was really mad, then sad, then mad, then I didnt care , etc etc ... but what I can tell you is that everything happens for some odd reason ... and after 14 years ... I feal healthy, I eat right , and am propbably much more healthier than many people I know because I HAVE to take care of myself. After a year with insulin shots ... I went on the pump, I really really didnt want to use something that would be noticeable and everything , but two trial days with the pump and I have kept on using it. It does make life easier, much more flexible, and I had two healthy babies with NO PROBLEMS during my pregnanies. ... You will get the hang of it in time .... just look on the bright side, and get informed ...not about the bad things that can happen to you , but how to take care of yourself ... Hope you feel better !

I posted some tutorials on youtube of how I wear my pump to HISDE it and not look like it is a beeper o r something .... if you want to watch ... check my channel searching for : ukikawasaki ,,,

I wish you the best ...

Gball: I will definitely look into it! And yes, I'm so happy you know what it's like. I totally get the drinking age is 21, but realistically everyone drinks in college. It's one of those things you have to learn to cope.

ukikawasaki: Thank you! I will look at your video, and hope to learn alot. Thank you !!!