My struggle and introduction


My name is Cherise. I’m 23 years old. I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic since 2000 (I was 16, in my junior year of high school and it was the week of homecoming). I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, panic attacks, and social phobias in January 2007. It has been quite a struggle especially finding a medication(s) that work without affecting my blood sugars. A-Typical antipsychotics raise my sugar count badly so those are out. I was on Depakote until I realized that it was causing some severe side effects that if they would have went on any longer could have possibly landed me in the hospital. I’m not on Lithium and Zoloft combination, plus Atenolol for my panic attacks. I’m still having problems but have basically ran out of options for types of medications they can try. Tried therapy but it didn’t work because they weren’t covering what needed to be covered.

Anyways I’ll quit rambling.

Welcome Cherise! For ME therapy is as important as drug treatment. While I don’t have any experience with drugs having any negative side effects on blood sugar, I do think a good therapist is most helpful, and I’ve certainly gone thru enough bad ones. I would suggest still searching for a therapist whom you can relate to better. Good Luck!

I took Wellbutrin for about a week. It made me extremely mean. I’ve never had any problem with weight gain with Zoloft. I’m actually losing a lot of weight instead of gaining weight. I think the only other anti-depressant I have ever been on has been Trazadone and that’s just a good sleeping pill. Didn’t help with anything else. I was on an anti-psychotic Geodon but found out that they affect my blood sugars badly. I have very touchy diabetes or what my doctor calls “brittle”.

Hi guys-- my dr. switched me from Geodon to Seroquel. It has not affected my BG, but I no longer suffer from panic attacks, thank God

I had a bad reaction to Seroquel. I’m taking Atenolol for my panic attacks.

Its quite hard to find a therapist I can relate to when a lot of them are too expensive. I have no insurance at all. I’m still searching for one and have a few leads.

Cherise, I’m currently taking testosterone, which raised my blood sugar initially, and I just took more insulin initially. Is there a reason that that’s not an option for you?

It raised my blood sugar so significantly that I almost went into DKA because of the medications so now they keep me completely away from it and won’t even consider putting me on anything that will possibly raise my blood sugar level.

Welcome Jonah!!


I’m BP as well. I take Lexapro for the depression and Topamax for the moodiness. Neither one has affected my bg’s…I’ve taken them for 3 years now. Although, I can’t comment on any meds for panic attacks. Good luck with your search for the right meds.