Navigator Next Day

Went to sleep with the Nav icon showing an hourglass - wait 10 hours. Terrible winds kept me awake last night or woke me up if I dozed off. At 2am, the Nav woke me up with a request to do a glucose test for calibration. About 15 minutes later, a number popped up on screen and the wait icon was gone. My blood test had said 101 and the Nav said 102. Dozed off.

At 3:07, my first alarm, low. I acknowledged it, tested, accurate. Treated, tested again, back to sleep.

Four am rolled around and it woke me again (or was it the wind rattling the windows). Another calibration test. Again 104 for me, 104 for the Nav.

Had another low at 6am, same deal as the 3am. I’ve been missing these completely. I had a suspicion that I was getting nighttime lows, but I was missing the right time to test for them. Time to lower my night doses. I lower my dose at 12pm and raise it at 3am. I’ll back both those off if the lows continue tonight.

I’m thrilled. It wasn’t painful to insert, it works as advertised, customer service was helpful with my questions, and I’m going to go broke but if it works, I’m all over it.

Husband is freaked by yet another device (grand total to three, two hanging on me and one hanging in me). He thinks shots are simpler to deal with. Hmm, I’m the one with the shots, they’re not simpler.


Wow, what a tale. It took me quite a while to discover nighttime lows. But once you “slay that dragon” it gets much easier.

You got me beat by one implant. One (insulin pump) hanging outside, and one (neuro stimulator for pain) on the inside.

Keep hangin’ on and don’t let your hubby drive you back to the “needles.” Of course, it DOES drive you to the poorhouse slowly but surely! :slight_smile: Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI