Need a Vacation from T1D?

I have been T1D for nearly 11 years (this september will be # 11 anniversary).

I miss not having to worry all the time and was wondering, pondering, if maybe it was possible to take ONE DAY off from my T1D maintanence. I’m not sure if this is even possible AT ALL, but for my 11 year anniversary, I was wondering if anyone else has taken a day off- one single day for no injections, no BG testing, etc.

I don’t mean to go and eat ten cakes and still not inject, but even if I had to eat just salads for the day, would it be possible to take a “day off” of T1D?

Has anyone else done this without major problems?

“Thats easy” as what one of my care people tell me in the past. “take a day off from D” and I asked “how is that” She said “Let someone else do the testing, injections, worries…etc in your place for one day”!

But in my 26 years experience I did take many days and even months off, which was paid back with complications! :o(
But one day wouldn’t be that bad, you will have highs for 2 to 3 days, if you didn’t eat any sweets that!

At least you knew how life is without D, I didn’t and cann’t imagine! :o( Dx at age of year and half! ;,(

This is my $0.02

I feel that it would be quite foolish to take a “vacation” from T1D. Since any problems from extreme swings are not immediately apparent, one cannot answer to major problems resulting from such a vacation. Unless, of course, one goes into DKA induced coma.

Not a wise idea. Not good to go on such thoughts or, worse, implement such a vacation.

i’m trying to get to the point where all i a have ahead of me and behind me is the proper scheduling of a diabetic. So i guess it feels like i’m on vacation… when i’m off the wagon i eat whatever i want and don’t watch what i eat, but that always comes with consequence. If it helps any i’ve gone without taking humalog for a couple days or more at a time… but i always make sure to take my lantus. Nothing i have said should be followed, i’m just your typical struggling diabetic who is aware of what she is doing to herself.
Though the young are much more inclined to learning, i wouldn’t wish diabetes on anybody at any age.

Sometimes I consider me taking a “break” by eating whatever I want, but I still inject and test. I figure that is as much of a break as I will get. And I think I am fine with that. However, I was just diagnosed in January. But I would be afraid to go a whole day without testing or injecting in fear of my bg skyrocketing and I get sick.

who doesn’t need a vacation from this?? unfortunately we can’t without consequences. even salads will raise your blood sugar a little. i have had days where i NEEDED to take little to no insulin but that’s because i was sick and couldn’t keep anything down (as strange as it sounds my bs’s are usually low the first days of being sick…maybe because i don’t eat much). i would never go without taking insulin on purpose for the whole day. i have forgotten to take my lantus a few times and i just feel weird all day. kind of like i’m in a fog. it’s weird so i wouldn’t purposely do it.

the one thing i may think about doing is not testing for a day…i can usually guess pretty well where i’m at without testing but i know many can’t.

Yeah, I used to be able to guess, but since I’ve gotten in better control over the past few months, I can no longer tell. I usualy feel “high” when in fact I’m right on. It’s weird. I don’t like not knowing anymore… :frowning:

yeah that’s a bummer

Just wait…eventually you won’t remember what it was like without it. Oh wait, you have an imagination, *#@! I can only imagine taking a vacation. The closest I come is not testing, than taking the next three days to get in control again. It is like when you take a vacation at work and have to stay late for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after to make up the work.

That’s be nice, but unfortunately… Even not eating at all, blood sugars will rise about 1 point per minute without our basal doses, so the vacation would probably be over rather quickly

For me a vacation involves not having to think too much about it. You know, those couple of days you get every once in a while where every thing is working like you’d like it to work all the time. I just take that when I can get it

That is my point and am not a MASTER in controlling D, highs are always beside me!

For your best it will be just to relax and don’t think much about it as what Scott said bellow

OK, here’s a contrary view to most of the replies… why not take your long acting insulin and take a break from the other shots for 24 hours while it works on you. Eat REALLY low carbs, exercise a bit after each meal and call it a day? I mean, EVERYONE is different with their physiology, psychology, etc… but if not injecting the fast acting stuff will really give you a good mental reprieve, then why not? I guess this all depends on how much effect a small amount of carbs will do to you BS. For me, I could probably do 10 g C and go for a walk or jog and that would cancel. But this all being said, that doesn’t sound like too much of a break, but there you have it. If it were me, I’d take that break, but I’d test occasionally to make sure sh!t didn’t go haywire : )

You know this isn’t bad. We used to do it this way all the time, back in the day. You could even ask your doc. I am sure there is a ratio they could use to get closer to normal. and check maybe 2 times. I think it would still feel like a break. Not a complete break but 4 hours at a shot. Maybe???

Know how you feel. We all do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a break!

Please don’t forgo your injections. This isn’t a break, it’s just courting trouble. You could not eat a thing & still have BG rise. Your liver will start dumping sugar. Just being alive adds glucose to your bloodstream–the breakdown of protein from metabolic processes turns to sugar.

I’d rather eat & inject, than not eat much.

but exercising isn’t a vacation…at least not in my world haha

Living with diabetes for 26 plus years…never have taken a holiday from having diabetes and plan not to either. Diabetes is not just about food , even if you were to fast for 24 hours ( for me , that is NOT a holiday , call it torture ) …I still need to know, where my BS is going …I would not consider or ponder . However you created a good discussion Marps.

Are you on the pump? I am and have noticed since being on the pump that since I only use short acting insulin. That If I’m off the pump for more than 5 hours… I start to get really sick and my numbers spike… so you probably need to inject. I’ve never done a whole day, but I know how you feel. I’ve been a diabetic for 18 years now and it would be nice to just have ONE DAY off.

Anniversaries are to be celebrated so rejoice and celebrate how well you have handled the daily challenges and success in dealing with T1D. I bet you have lots to be proud of.

There is no escape from Hell !!!

its only hell if you make it that way

I agree with Christina. It doesn’t have to be “hell”. This is certainly very difficult most of the time(D’s) but not hell. (even having to deal with it almost my entire life now). I could think of MUCH worse things to deal with in my life than this and people do everyday. You have to learn to be thankful for even the smallest things in life because there is so much to be grateful for…