Need Help Understanding Why I'm Not Feeling My Low Sugars Anymore

Ok, those of you that have had diabetes a while (type 1)...

I had a severe low insulin reaction last night before bed which thank God a relative was home and noticed I wasn't acting "right."

She started watching me and within minutes I was not answering her questions and not making sense. When she had me stand up, I was trembling all over. She then called 911.

I remember bits and pieces but while this was happening, I felt like I was in a dream. Anyway, the paramedics came and asked me questions (i.e. my name & age) which I could not answer. The next thing I knew I was being injected and coming to...The more coherent I became, the more scared I was from the "reality" of what had happened. They told me my sugar was at 20....critically low and I was very close to coma. I am terrified because I did not feel this insulin reaction come on. I have been diabetic 30 years and ALWAYS know when I'm starting to get "shaky."

The only thing I think may have happened is I take 30-40 U of LANTUS (slow 24 hour insulin) before bed so I don't wake up with high sugars. Maybe I accidently took that much of my Humalog (the quick acting insulin)...

Here's my question: Why didn't I feel the reaction come on and why after 30 years would I not be feeling the insulin reaction? If there wasn't someone there with me, I wonder if I would have made it? Would I have died?

Thank God you had someone there to help you.

Have you been edging towards lower numbers lately? I ask, because as I’ve been seeing lower numbers (in recent months), I’ve noticed that it takes a lower BG for me to feel the same way I used to feel “low”. For instance, a long time ago, 95 used to make me feel shaky, etc. Then I would have to be at 85. Nowadays, I don’t feel low until I am 75-80.

You were really lucky to have someone there to help you! I have my husband and kids there for me…well my oldest moved out last year and my youngest plans on doing this when she graduates next year so it’s just me and my husband after that. I think one reason we don’t feel them anymore is b/c we’ve had itso long and our bodys don’t react the way they did years ago. thank neropithy to that one or maybe just a less sence in our nerves. I’ve had d for 35 yers and found this problem about 19 years ago. Needless to say I don’t drive anymore. Too many wreaks from not feeling them comming on. A personal question here are you also gping threw menopause" My Dr told me a ew years back that I could getthe hot flashes comfused with insuiln reacrions. I dk just a few suggestions.

You sound like you have a classic case of hypoglycemia unawareness. I suffer from this too and it can be scary…my lowest BS was 17 and i have had several in the 20’s. The 30’s seems almost ok to me—i can still function on my own.

One way to combat hypoglycemia unawareness is to just not let yourself go low for 2-3 weeks…even at the risk of running a little on the high side. This can ‘reset’ your senses and help you to feel the lows coming on.

At this point i feel low around 60 which is much better than 30… I have also been thru bouts of hyperglycemia unawareness…but since i got my CGM and rarely go over 250, that has remedied itself.