Need input RE: Pros and Cons of Pump Holiday at Sleepaway Camp

My 10 YO T1D (dx March 2011) has been on the pump most of the last 3 years. He's been to diabetes day camp twice and diabetes sleepaway camp (1 week) and he's nearly 100% self-sufficient (sans reminders) with the pump.

He is going to 1 month of regular sleepaway camp out of state this summer. The camp is very experienced with T1D and we've been in touch with another T1D family who have been successful there. My son brought up the possibility of going back on shots (lantus/novolog) for the month so he does not have to worry about pump sites or wearing the pump. I am going to ask him to list the pros/cons and be part of the decision making with full information.

Assuming it's feasible and safe, I'm open to it. There are obvious pros and cons from a parent's perspective, and I'd like to have all pros and cons on the table for us to consider. I wonder if anyone else has grappled with this and has any thoughts to share.