Need opinion-Want to switch to Levemir

I have been taking Lantus since it came out (yr?)and I am now splitting the dose,with good results, I would like to consider Levemir because I have heard it dosen’t cause weight gain and it is “smoother”. Those with experience with Levemir, can you give me some advice. Thank you for your wisdom!

I switched to Levemir from Lantus and hated it. I had a really hard time with it. Lots of wild changes in my bg but that’s just me. It might work work better for you. I like Lantus. I only switched because my doc suggested trying Levemir.

Did you split the dose? Or just inject once? Thank you Brian.

What’s the difference between lantus and levemir?

From what I have read, Levemir does not add to weight gain and is suppose to be 24 hr. but most people say it is 16 hr. or so. I though that it would be better if I was spllting my dose, I think I am having a little “overlap” with Lantus. Hoping someone that takes Levemir will help me with my questions???

Christine, how did you first switch over? Started at current dose of 25 and just reduce with basal testing? I currently take 20u 8am and 10u 9pm. Thanks for your help!

I am presently using both. Levemir at night since it is less susceptible of causing lows and lantus in the morning because it is cheaper and a bit more effective unit per unit.

Get some and try it the only way to know.


Thank you Anthony!

I was unaware that you could take both. thank you for the information.

I was taking Lantus & now use Levemir. I like Levemir better. It’s given me better control. For me, it’s more stable–smoother like you mentioned.

Levemir doesn’t sting like Lantus. On my insurance, Levemir is less expensive. Levemir is also cheaper because it lasts 5 weeks, as opposed to Lantus’ 28 days.

I took two doses of Lantus & take two doses of Levemir. I take pretty much the same doses of Levemir & Lantus. My endo says neither last 16-24 hours for the majority.

Gerri, thank you! My doctor pretty much lets me decide what I want to do when it comes to for the reasons you mentioned, I might switch, I am just alittle scared of maybe dropping too much, as I did before when my Lantus dose was WAY too high. I also like the fact it last longer and is cheaper. I have have type 1 for 16 years and I am so very grateful to have this website and all of you kind people to chat and ask questions.

My pcp is pretty good. I had a Endo back in Nov. but she didn’t work out. I have a referral to one that I am going to in June. thanks for your help!

Hope it helped. Difficult because everyone reacts so differently. Amazes me constantly how different we all are.

Great to have such a cooperative doctor. Hope you like the new endo.

I’m also very grateful to have the awesome Tu D members.

The levemir is only much more expensive in my case since I use massive amounts of insulin if you use more moderate ones lantus would be more expensive cause you have to throw away the 1000 unit vial after 28 days of so ad with 20 units or less that is quite a waste

Sorry if I cause some confusion

no perceptible problem i think with the levemir at night there is no much action left in the morning and the Lantus in the morning does no seem to add that much to the night action. This could be only true for extreme insulin resistance. Sugars are good with half the readings in the normal range and the rest way below 200.