NEED TO VENT . . . once again (sorry if it's a repeat!) just wish i can get the sensors to last!

So frustrated. been on Dex 4 for 9 months now. first sensor was 26 days, 2nd sensor about 16 days. maybe once or twice in 9 months got 11-12 days. but ALMOST EVERY TIME the ??? comes on day 8 or 9, and sometimes on day 7 before the sensor even times out! i can't tell you how envious i am of all of you who get more time out of your sensor. i think i've just about tried everything except wearing it on my arms or legs - don't want it to be exposed to the world, so i'm limited to my stomach or low back so it stays hidden under my shirt.

i've tried flexifit over the sensor, both over and under the sensor, tagaderm, combo of both, just the sensor itself. wiping with alcohol first, no alcohol. it doesn't seem to be a matter of the adhesive lifting or falling off; that's never happened.

i do workout 5-6 days a week and work up a good sweat, moving around quite a bit. weight training, sculpt classes, spin, biking, etc. so maybe that's part of the problem - i don't know!

i think if it wasn't so painful every time i put a new one in, i wouldnt be so frustrated. but i really get in a bad mood everytime i have to replace it!

thanks for letting me vent!

Do you have large BG swings or run high on a regular basis?

What do you do when you get the 3Qs?

Also have you checked the expiration dates on your sensors?

I'm so sorry Gayle. It may be completely coincidental but I wear my sensors on the back of my arms. I switch from side to side and have managed at the minimum 18 days and usually much longer for each of my last 4 sensors. If I want to hide it, I just wear longer sleeves but as a general rule I don't care if it shows or not. Some women I know use "the girls" as a site and report very good longevity and accurate readings. If you're not too squeamish that might be a site to consider. It would be protected during workouts by your bra and it would be totally hidden. If the insertion is really painful for you there is a prescription topical numbing cream called EMLA which is novacaine for skin. Some of the Dexcom users I know swear by it. But for me since I am inserting sensors so infrequently I just suck it up and go fast. Here are a couple of shots of arm placement in case you wanted to give it a try. It can go higher on the arm to allow for better sleeve coverage. ![|432x480](upload://u4oGcVyF6Dsxwqrw42JcWjh8jov.jpeg)

The girls have become my preferred site with back of upper arm as my second. Have good accuracy as well as longevity. I found that when I used areas that flexed with daily activities that I had shorter lifespan. When I have frequent BG rollercoaster rides then I have a shorter lifespan. The higher you run for longer, the more the enzyme on the wire is consumed and the shorter you can run it.
Staying hydrated is important as well. Having it placed where you don't lay on it when you sleep helps me with lifespan as well.

I will, hopefully, be receiving my Dex very soon. Hope to learn alot from this discussion/thread.

I too have noticed shorter times I get out of the sensors. Though originally I did have a couple I got almost 10 weeks out of (last year). What do you do to determine that it's time to replace? I have always had a time about 2 weeks, give or take, into a sensor where it just acts up or acts badly for up to 2 days. Then after it does fine for at least another week. Try putting up with the bad for a day or two or longer and see if it works itself out.

I use these to help with insertion pain. Works a little bit, but no prescription and every little bit helps. I also think they help with keeping the device attached longer too.

How do you get 10 weeks!? Was there any infection? Where do you place it?

I shouldn't be at all surprised if you got your first 26 days sensor by a dexcom rep? ;)

NO dexcom rep; did my first sensor all by myself by watching a youtube video, lol!

2hobbit1 - the girls??? can you please explain???

looks good! i'm just not comfortable with it be exposed to the world. maybe someday i'll get over it and give it a try :).

i do have large swings, althought not so much now that i'm on Invokana (off-label). when i get the ???, i always try to wait it out to see if it will come back. sometimes it does for another day, a few more hours, etc. i'll usually wait a whole day to see if it has any life left before i replace it. expiration dates on sensors are all good.

I think that dexcom rep's are equipped with sensors of very good quality.
But when you have bought your first one regulary, you were lucky enough to
get a good one :)

"the girls" = breasts

I never got a sensor from a Dexcom rep, all mine have come directly from the Dex factory and the shortest lifespan since I started using it in Nov. 2012 is 10 days.

Yes I mean my breasts, think of them as a clock face, nipple is the center. I use the outside edges. First started with sensor like big hand, pointed to outside rim so 2-4 on left, an 7-11 on right, about 1-2 inch from nipple. This puts the sensor under your brand, and how far from center depends on how large you are.

What I have found with repeated use is that how I sleep is also a factor, not to mention what kind of bra I use. Since I tend to side sleep, placement on the up side works better. Also depending on how tight/pushup/flattining a sport bra, how high the side coverage is, etc will effect where you will want to place it.
Currently using inside/between the girls/1-4 on right/7-11 on left. I don't lay on either when I side sleep so no V dropout patterns over night.
Since the girls are fat tissue with reason circulation and can be protected from causal touch/ being bumped/undercover/concealed use etc they make a good site. Is also easy to make sure the sensor is secured.

so after 2 days it comes back on and it's fairly accurate?

hmmm . . . i don't think my hubby would go for that, LOL! glad it works for you though

Maybe so, but he can be trained! ;-) You/he can still get to all the important bits with out effecting the G4 readings. You just need to experiment. If he cares for you then a 1 by 3 inch off limits patch regardless of location will not be a problem.