New dexcom news

So I sat in on a webcast of a Dexcom investors meeting presentation last week, and here is what I learned:

New G4 application is in, hopefully approval by the end of the year, they hope to release it at the Chicago ADA DIABETES EXPO (April 13th, 2013). Better accuracy and smaller receiver I believe are the major improvement. They are also working on the Generation 5 technology which will have the approved accuracy to be as good as our glucometers, as well as new membrane technology that will not be affected by Tylenol.

As far as partnership with pumps, the Animas Vibe just got approved to work with the G4 in EUROPTE. As far as US partnerships, here is the order:

1. Animas of Johnson & Johnson
2. Omnipod
3. Roche
4. Tandem T-Slim

No word on the timing of any of the pump partnerships here in the US, but hang in there, sounds like things are going to be getting much much better over the next few years.



Thanks for the news. All good!

I hope this more than just "Theory", lol. Thanks for the glimpse into the future of CGMs!

Back on April 2 of this year I replied to the thread about the Dex not being compatible with Macs. In my reply I quoted my Dex rep Rose Mary Evans when she said the following regarding their Gen 5 system (my emphasis):

"...we also want to bypass the need for a receiver—so that we can send the signal to any technical piece of equipment, i.e., cell phone/smart phone. I do know that we have discussed the concepts with the FDA so they can be more in tune with what we want to do as a company moving forward. But it will take time and like Jay says, the timeline is yet to be determined."

When we met up, she showed me a picture of their system running on an iPhone. It is possible this was mocked up, but it seemed legit to me.



Yeah, I think I remeber them mentioning something about that. Here is a link to the archived presentation everyone (forgot it in my originial post):

Boy would that be great, especially with better accuracy. In my lifetime? Maybe LOL

That sounds great! Thanks for the update. I was hoping for something this year, but I guess I was a little too optimistic. If they can work out the integration with the Omnipod (still waiting for insurance approval) by then, it will be worth the wait. Then I’ll really want everything to run off my iPhone so I can get down to carrying one device. I’m worried that when I get my Omnipod, I’ll look like Batman with his utility belt. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the undate "True"....AND KEEP US POSTED!

But it will be so worth it!

The G4 is in!!!! I repeat the G4 is in!! We are in the process of getting insurance approval for my son & the rep. just called me and asked what color my son would like!! YAY!!!