New diabetes-related sites

I created a search tool several years ago, that helps find diabetes-related information. Each time I come across a new site, I look at the contents to make sure it’s valid and then add it to the list of sites.

I decided to start blogging weekly about the new sites that I stumble upon. Here’s pointers to my last two posts about newly-discovered sites. There are some great blogs in the lists, please check them out.

Newly-found diabetes related sites. Week ending August 14.

New sites added to Diabetes Search Engine. Week ending August 6.

My diabetes search tool now looks at over 1,400 sites, including 600+ blogs. I hope it helps you find answers to diabetes questions.

Wow, that is really cool Bernard. I am a DD member too but have to admit I need to get over to your board to check this kinda stuff out more often. Thanks for updating us over here.

Thanks Pauly, I’m going to keep doing these updates about every week or so.

I put it up on face book to help get the word out as well. Thanks for putting this all together.