New Flatline group format?

Would you like to see each day of the week broken down as a separate discussion to post your trend? We could throw out ideas for the quirky names for each day?.. would this help with the confusion/organization of “where to post”…or no?


PhLatline Tuesdays
Woot Wednesdays
Throwback 80’s mg/dl Thursdays

Your input is much appreciated!

I’d actually rather have ONE place to look, rather than searching through many. But it’s still a cute idea! Fabulous Fridays, Stupendous Saturdays, Stunning Sundays, Miraculous Mondays…

This is a tough one. If you look at a day each week, then you’d come to see what each day looks like although, it may get cluttered like Natalie mentioned.

How about something like weekly threads. Then we can have each day (with an awesome name), but not get over cluttered. I mean think about having 3 months (90 days) of posts in one thread.Just 5 poeple posting would make that massive. Also, if we went weekly, people could get a sense of how their trends are looking over the week. Hmm.

here is where I am confused …I responded to the New Holiday Just Around the Corner /AcidR…my question has not been answered , if I posted incorrectly …I do think NOW , I did …so the quirky name did not work for me .
I like to stay focus on the KISS method :slight_smile: …just me expressing my thought …I could be " off the wall " ? …and I am one of the members with the least minimal input …so don’t go by me .

actually Nel, I think going off of your input is a great way to go. We use try to post a lot can figure it out, but if we want more folks to join the group and post (which I know i do), then I think we need to KISS and make it friendly. So, please chime in as much as you feel, your opinion counts just as much as the rest of ours. Thats why Danny asked. =^)

Re this, I posted the “thread” here and then i posted a thread about the thread in the main “forum”, to see if anyone would notice. I first put a link, copying the link into “here is” with the tool and some people didn’t see it so I made put the whole hyperlink out on it’s own. I think that the big purpose is to refute allegations that PWD “can’t” or that it’s “impossible” to do some of the results people have posted? I’ll put another note in re my plans/ suggestions…muwahahahaha…

That’s a good idea, my thought though would be to have a separate “Strategy and Tactics” thread to discuss the hows and whys of what we can achieve, towards reducing Std Deviation in BG readings? Like when it starts spiking, how soon do you hit it with a CB? Does anybody else’s dog get walked when it’s spiking? Does a CB+ walk <>or = a CB + a vigorous game of dog soccer?

Those sorts of discussions in one place, a sort of stream of flat consciousness? If good ideas come up, we can post them on the main board to enrich and broaden the dialogue and so people who don’t eat bacon cheeseburgers can throw rocks at our glass pumps and sensors?

Plus I used to get this fascinating wargame magazine called “Strategy and Tactics” in the late 1970s/ early 80s, which came with a free game, w/ a map and little cardboard pieces, each month and fascinating articles.

wait wait… You rock acid rock. Ha!

I second this. I think its a good idea. I do feel like noone wants to be told what to do and we all live a different way, so your dog walking wont work with my cat and the last time I kicked the soccer ball at him he ran and I didnt see him for a week. But that said, pointers are always helpful.

The best example is the 120 high alarm. I saw Helmut do it, then I did it, Courtney and a few others then did it as well. Soon we all had lower numbers based off of Helmut’s example.

How would you format it to make it a stream of consciousness though?

well, it is sort of hard to organize threads, particularly w/ this format w/ replys appendable to the middle of threads so some of the longer threads on the main page do get confusing to follow? I don’t Tu @ work and sometimes come home and just bail on stuff that was interesting in the AM b/c one conversation about x is now about 5 different conversations w/ various subconversations, etc.? Not that that’s bad but I’m thinking long term, a single thread and perhaps do some pro/con. If we rehash it there, don’t gripe about stuff that was said here there, just sort of use it as a “committe” to discuss some ideas here? I think the high “140” goal is a big problem and agree the 120 alarm is very useful. Hard to implement w/o the hardware though?

Have mercy with the retarded :wink:

First this was organized like:
12-24 Hour Flatline Range
Rocky Mountains (opposite of Flatline)
1-11 hour Flatline

Now there is something like Phlat Tuesday and on top of that you propose:
Woot Wednesdays
Throwback 80’s mg/dl Thursdays

I am lost what these days stand for: ordinary day, special day, woot phlat throw day…and where is now Reiki Martin?

We could do a “Mid-80s Mittwoch” or better yet, Super Sonntag!

I think in the end were trying to KISS (keep it super simple) and do less.

OK, doing one of those subconversations you lament: Why do you think the 140 goal is a big problem? I just lowered mine from 180 to 140, and amazingly enough have stayed under or just at for 36 hours! Future not guaranteed. I did it by playing around with the square wave for pizza, and for halvah, a greasy sweet Middle Eastern delicacy. Dunno why I never tried that before!

Other than that, I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens to the One Thread idea vs. the multiple thread we already have.

I think that 140 for a goal, leads people to think that they can’t do better. I have seen it in a lot of threads “I can’t get my AM BG in line” or “my postparandials never are < 200 if I eat > 15G of carbs” or whatever? I think that if the goal is to be 140 that’s great but why not 120?

Well, I have been trying really hard with the low-carb (except on my birthday!), and lowering it from 180 is a first step. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! :slight_smile: I think I’ll keep it at 140 for a while, and see how I do; if I’m reasonably successful, I can always lower it further. After all, I could theoretically live another 20 years with diabetes. I’ll keep you in mind as a role model! :slight_smile:

But there’s being at 120 and having a goal of 120 and having a goal of 120 increases your chances of getting to 120 more than having a goal of 140 I’d think? I run over 120 all the time but well, you know, sometimes I can hit it?

Does this help , Danny ?? I copied and pasted from acidrocks page ( I can’t tell you , what a breakthrough that was, when I finally with help of Tu friends learned how to do copy/paste :slight_smile: ) Don’t know how else to explain !
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OK, I understand your reasoning, but I’m approaching it from a different perspective, mainly coloring between the lines. The low-carb is REALLY helping, but if I put the top line at 120, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I will think further on your ideas, though – I really appreciate the dialog! :slight_smile:

Not so super simple to me it seems. Is let’s say “Mid-80s Mittwoch” just a flatline on wednesdays or is it a special flatline around 80 mg/dL happening on wednesdays? So does the name of the day stand for a specific quality of the flatline?

My big idea would be not to say “wouldn’t be able to do it”? The reason I use 120 is not b/c I am going to go “eek” when it hits 120, it’s because I want to know when it hits 120. If it’s 120 and the numbers are very close together, like 118, 118, 119, 120, I know it’s not gonna go much higher but, OTOH, if it’s 97, 115, 120, I might think 'oops, I need to take another look at what I ate and make sure I have enough IOB, walk the dog, etc.? I don’t give myself a ‘speeding ticket’ above 120, I just keep an eye on it? I really keep an eye on it all the time but find it handy to have the gizmo give me a heads up if it drifts up?