New g4 shipping next week!

we are thrilled about our new g4 shipping next week! Curious about what everyone thinks settings should be for a 12 year old girl? we have a training with our endo scheduled, but curious what other teens are doing with their settings, I figure you don't want it to constantly bug her while she's figuring it out... I was thinking 220 for high and 80 as a low?

i have stopped using my dexcom for a while and haven't been paying lots of attention. Pls what is that will make the g4 superior to what we already know? ANyone?

I love love love my dexcom. I can't imagine life without it in terms of getting that tighter control and just "knowing" where you stand, rather than having a number reading that represents just one point in time. When I started it, I also had it set to high at 250, I have since moved that to 180 because I have been able to tighten it up a bit. It is technology though, and from time to time it will be off. When that happens or of I question a reading, I test to make sure and adjust it accordingly, but this is an amazing device.

I originally set high to 250, but now that I have somewhat better control, I have it set at 200. I am hypoglycemic unaware, so I have low set to 90 for safety.