New Game


How long before we declare the winner?


The winner is the person who creates a word that cannot be transformed into another word.

@Rphil2 seems pretty close to winning, but I’m going to challenge @Rphil2 on this one. I can’t find it in Dictionary, Merriam Webster, the OED or in the official Scrabble dictionary. Is this really a word?


I agree. If it isn’t in any of these dictionaries, it is not allowed. I am going back to the previous genuine word which was mystery and am suggesting>>>>

mistry (as in to try a person badly)






Monty (do proper nouns count?)




I would say no. But lower-case “m” monty gets in by a squeaker, thanks to the OED:

The origin is pretty much what you’d guess.


Ok, this is ridiculous but…

Materials Science
Used with reference to various concepts relating to the measurement of physical properties of rubber and other elastic solids, and instruments employed in such measurement; Mooney material noun a material (such as rubber) whose behaviour under large elastic deformation approximates to that of an ideal, perfectly elastic material which is isotropic and incompressible. Mooney viscometer noun a type of viscometer for measuring the viscosity of unvulcanized rubber.
1940s. From the name of Melvin Mooney, U.S. physicist specializing in the rheology of rubber.

Loves me some OED.







Somebody had to. :slight_smile:




Wait, wait. The last valid word was “mystery”, right? So doesn’t “mistry” violate the rules by adding, deleting, or changing more than one letter??


Last word was Mormon.
I’m putting in "Mormo"
In Greek mythology, Mormo was a spirit who bit bad children.


I do believe Jen is c-o-r-r-e-c-t!


You say that like it’s a bad thing… :imp:




(countable and uncountable, plural mystories)

(philosophy) A pedagogical genre encouraging the exploration of history as an open-minded individual rather than an analytical historian following institutional norms.


Probably my +‎ story, based on mystery. Coined by Gregory Ulmer in Teletheory (1989).



I think i was disqualified prematurely without a full hearing of the evidence.

here is another one


“To approach knowledge from the side of not knowing what it is, from the side of one who is learning, not from that of one who already knows, is mystory.”—Gregory Ulmer, Teletheory

Mystory is the name of a new pedagogical genre created by Ulmer in his book Teletheory. It was a response to a suggestion by Hayden White that if the concept of history had been invented in the twentieth century rather than the nineteenth, it would be quite different. The idea was that if people had begun serious study of the past in the twentieth century rather than the nineteenth, the result would be quite different from what it is today.

Mystory is Ulmer’s new approach towards learning in general. A mystory itself is a website created by the student that explores the four discourses (career, family, entertainment, and community) and then has the students find links between the various discourses to gain a new understanding of how they think. The final synthesis of these ideas is represented by a self-created emblem that represents the student, their history, and their method of thinking.

The final product of the mystory is to have a new approach to learning that allows them to learn better than they would by following the standard methods of learning usually propagated within colleges and universities. By learning to learn based on themselves and their own culture rather than the culture of the school, the students gain a deeper understanding of what they’re learning. In addition, this new vantage point towards knowledge aids in thinking about problems and issues in society, which is part of the EmerAgency concept.

The idea behind the mystory comes from Ulmer’s attempt to create electracy and the EmerAgency. The mystory site allows for students to re-evaluate their ways of thinking and then apply that to situations and ideas that the EmerAgency would deal with.


A new word eh?