New names for 1 & 2

Some times the confusion type 1 and 2 sucks. How about some new ones. I was thinking how about for type 1 something like AutoBeta, B-Auto and for type 2 how about Insulin Challenged. LOL Sometimes I just crack my self up.

I usually use “autoimmune diabetes”, “monogenic diabetes”, and “pervasive hyperglycemia due to {insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin molecular/receptor deformity, diabesity, metabolic syndrome, etc.}”

I’m sugar enhanced…

You guys crack me up! How about CRAP — Catastrophic Ruthless Attack (on the) Pancreas! Oldie but goodie.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Humor you have Lois …you did not loose that :wink: you made me SMILE …keep on going Dear Lois

How about POOP–pancreas off of production

Nice one! Right now…Im “sugar deprived” LOL

The point is that throwing both into one can does not help us much - especially in the media. Both have their very special medical treatment and challenges.

What about:
T1 = Immunological => Immunobetes
T2 = Metabolical => Metabobetes

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What I don’t like is hearing, "Oh, you have the bad one."Excuse me is there a good one, it’s news to me. Can you hear it, "Why, yes I have bad diabetes and my Mom has good diabetes"ROFLOL