New names!

So I just got a new kitten last night he is black with 2 white spots, I am having a hard time thinking of a name for him. Maybe someone could give me some great ideas.

My other pets names all have to do with alcohol (I know)

Male Cat 2 years old Hennessey (aka: Garfield)
Male Daddy Rabbit 7 years old Malibu
Female Mommy Rabbit 3 years old Skyy
Male Baby rabbit almost 1 year old Stoli

i think morgan is quite fitting in this family

the little captain - that’s cute, domo.

Grenadine, Olympia, Cuervo, I see why you are having trouble. It is hard to come up with a shorter female sounding name. I don’t like long names for my pets. It is too much to say when you are calling them. Bacardi, or Di pronounced Dee. Thats about all I have.

Good luck.

Love these names.

if you call her grenadine, the sweetest addition to a drink and my arch nemesis , the nick name could be rose (there is a rose on the bottle)

Vodka is cute and short, too.


So I really like… Bacardi, Bailey, Morgan and Zima???

lovinh zimz, sounds sporty and quick

stella ? Do you guys have Stella Artois lager in the US?
Fizz as in Bucks Fizz,
Baby as in BabyCham,
oooh so many ;o)

I really like Stella, we do have that here. But I have a friend with a doggie named stella

I edited my post. because she is a he…LOL

My vote is for Captain Morgan… My family has lately liked this beer called Woodchuck … it’s like an apple cider beer. I’m hoping to get a kitten in Jan. sometime so I’ll probably have a post like this too. Let us know what you name him!

I think he’s gonna be a Jack(Daniels) kitty

so … I’m sure this adorable kitty has a name by now, but if I’d have been a member and seen this when he needed one I’d have had to suggest “Pan” as short for pancreas so you could refer to him as your new pancreas! ;] BTW, LOVE the tatt I saw on your photo slideshow, vy. cool idea!