New onset: Odd symptoms

If you are going to test for keytones, best use a meter. There are several on the market and some that do both Ketones and Blood Glucose, however, dedicated meters seem to work best using Contour Next for Blood Glucose + one of the several available Ketone meters.
The following is a link to a typical ketone meter kit.

See if you can get an emergency appointment with the other endo. Sometimes you just push to pay for it instead of insurance covering it.

But I would think if your pediatrician puts in the paperwork and you call your insurance company and push for it, you should be able to get a second opinion since the first one can’t figure it out.

Sometimes your insurance companies even have doctors and nurses you can call to talk to, help lines that might be able to get the ball rolling better.

Doctors sometimes forget that they are working for us. It will be difficult to make the 4 hr trip, but it sounds necessary. If the endo you are seeing would listen to you and give you full explanations for what is happening that would be one thing, but he should never just brush you off. He sounds like a real jerk to me.