I belong to a family medical center that “trains” Dr's they work at the office for 3 years and then they go off to find a permanent practice to work in. Last summer my Dr graduated out of the practice and has moved on. Now I have a new pcp who called me to get fasting blood work done. When the results came in I got to go for a follow up appointment “oh joyous of occasions” yes, my cholesterol is high.

I went in thinking she was going to try to throw some statin drugs at me, instead she asked me what I did for exercise and about my diet. She thinks that I am to young and “healthy” to go on statins even though my numbers are high. I wanted to jump up and down and hug her. She did say that she would like me to try to eat more whole grains like adding ground up flax seed to my yogurt. So hey I'll give it a shot. Kudos to a dr that doesn't just try to throw a drug at a person.

Now onto the lovely nurse who checked me in when I got to my appointment. She went to take my blood pressure and the machine wasn't working. I think that kind of frustrated her because she left the room and then came back in about 10mins later saying “oh my goodness, I forgot to take your A1C.” I questioned her on why she was doing an A1C since I just had one at my Endos at the very end of September. She said well because you have diabetes and we are supposed to I think. So I let her, hey all of my deductibles are met so why not. When the dr came in later she was puzzled when I asked her about the A1C test as she did not order it. I am hoping that this A1C is the same when I see my Endo in January.

On a completely other note my beginning band kids are begging me to play the Theme from Dr. Who. How did I get so lucky to have such awesome kids with great taste in T.V. shows???

Excellent taste in music for sure. We are all Whovians in our house. My daughter plays the theme all the time.

Awesome kids indeed! Who's your favorite Doctor? I'm kind of old school, mines Tom Baker.
[316-sillytombaker.jpe|attachment](upload://yv8pZzolw4JBfo9fgvK69pHwj63.jpeg) (10.5 KB)

You Know I have never seen a single episode of Dr. Who, It looks fun however.

Huge fan of Tom Baker. But if we are talking "new school", it's gotta be Matt Smith.

Tom is my favorite, always been jealous of his cool scarf. The kids however are really old school and like William Hartnell. I haven't seen the more recent episodes but my dad and I used to watch Dr. Who on his little black and white tv in his computer den saturday afternoons together :-)

I knitted my daughter an 11 foot scarf for Christmas. I can’t wait to see her face.

You, are one cool mom Sarah :-D