New Pods and PDM

I am lucky enough to have the new "smaller" pod. I have moved over from the old kit. The Pump is great. But the PDM is calculating the correction bolus in a different manner. Has anyone else found this ?

Check out for the transition training. It explains everything... in short...

When the suggested bolus calculator is turned on:

Both the correction bolus and meal bolus are considered for IOB.
Current IOB for meal and correction boluses are displayed separately when the user info/support button is pressed.
Total IOB is now displayed on the PDM status screen.

You are lucky indeed, but very few old users have the new pod so no idea. (Grrrr....)

The " old" way was a problem, as Omnipod was the only pump not counting meal bolus as Insulin On Board. This raised safety questions. I remember panic after switching from minimed to pods. I guess for you familiar is best. I am glad they changed it, this way it is more uniform and easier to prevent errors.
old PMD: if you check bs 2 hrs after meal and it is 180 but goal is set for 120 --> pump will suggest correction bolus. It should not, as you still have meal bolus working
new PMD and all other pumps: you check 2 hrs later and pump will remember that you had bolus 2 hrs later and that there is still bolus working. This will result in lower bolus suggested, if any.
I hope this help.

Jgos is in Europe, which is why he's been transitioned. Hang in there...

Thanks Erik. I was in a bad Omnipod place last night. ;)

Thanks guys. That does make sense. However I have been working with the old PDM where I could simply have my CGM - Navigator, show a trend upward and tell the PDM and it would correct. Or temp blouse by - 55% when cycling, and never have a problem. I would stay within 6.5 mmol/L and 8 ish. Now it’s all over the place and tough.