New pump - Paradigm 715 - need some help

Hi all!

Quick question:

Does anyone know if it is possible to look at a basal history on the Paradigm 715? I was on a temp basal yesterday. I can’t find any way to look at what the temp was. There is a history for bolus etc, but I can’t find one for basal? It might be in front of my eyes, but I really can’t see it.

Second query needs a bit of history…

So I got my pump yesterday :smiley: Was very exciting and new.
Everything went more than great, and everything I was worrying about was no
issue at all.

Last night, however, I ran into some trouble:

I was on Lantus, and took my last dose the night before yesterday. Was on a temporary basal until last night at 22:30 (10:30 pm). As soon as the normal basal kicked in my BS started dropping 3.9 -> 2.9 -> 2.0

I was dosing up on fast acting carbs, contacted my trainer, put another tamp basal for another 3 hours. I dunno what happened during the night, woke up this morning feeling horribly sick, three alarm clocks been going since 1 am, so think I might have passed out. By then my sugar was down to 3.0 again. Now trying to get hold of trainer cause on a steady 2.0 and dosing on sugar and nothing is bringing it up. Suspended the pump now.

Has anyone has anything like this happen? I’m in quite a bit of a panic? Quite probably influenced by horrible sugars etc.

I will be honest I have never looked for a temp basal on my 522 but that does not mean it does not exsist! As far as your BG dropping crazy amounts, just hang in there you are in the adjustment phase. first your trying to figure out basal rates, bolus rates and your body is getting used to using just fast acting insulin. I remember going hypo quite a bit when I first started and I would guess that most people who pump have had the same experience. You will get it under control and life will be good.

I have the book, been reading it, but had to sign a legal contract that stated that I may not alter any pump settings for a specified number of weeks or until doc says so. Legal protection for CDE in case patient messes with settings and kills themselves.

This morning I felt as if the pump wanted to kill me (heehee, me = drama queen :D). Or rather the doc’s settings.

Settings slowly starting to get better, I have been doing my own basal adjustments and emailing and phoning doc constantly. Thereby circumventing the contract. Now that my sugars are higher my brain seems to be processing better!!

Thanks for advice though :slight_smile:

I think, in order to see the basal history, you have to download your pump info into carelink on the MiniMed website or the software program. At least to see the temp basal history.

Ah, ok, thanks.

So far they don’t sell the cables etc. for that program/system here, but its good to know.

Everyone has a different story about what happened when they first started on the pump. Highs, lows and all over the board are quite normal at first. Don’t get in a panic. You have done the right thing by suspending the pump and definitely by calling your trainer. Be careful with the fast acting carbs. They could send your BS into orbit and make it extremely difficult to get it back down. However, that is better than one that is low enought to make you pass out. You will have to play with your basals and boluses for a while to get them right for you. Be patient and work closely with your trainer and things will work out. Good luck!!