New research beta cells

I just read this article about research happening at Tuffts university.
It’s very exciting. It will be forever till we could see this in real life, but we can dream.

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Looks great! But if you don’t make any insulin, does this not work? I am all for any way to help anyone! But as someone who makes no insulin, this might not be a possibility.
But I do agree stem cell research is the way for a cure but it will be a long way off. I would jump at another chance to get into a stem cell study but am aging out for some of them. So sad!
I am very hopeful someone besides our favorite mice will get a cure!


The idea is to use implanted beta cells and use the light to get more insulin out of them.
There are studies being done with implanted cells just under the skin, but so far they don’t produce enough insulin to get a person totally off insulin therapy.
This could bridge that gap potentially.

I’m happy things are being tried. I hope progress is made related to how to protect the cells from the immune system. I don’t think of immunosuppression as a solution outside the context of testing if the cells work.

Seems like there are a few groups working with beta cell replacement but how to keep them alive isn’t looking as promising yet.

Thanks for sharing this research, I love reading different serious attempts to treat diabetes in new ways.