New to CGM

It has an inserter (simliar to the inserter you use for like the siloutte infusion set) but you still have to push the button and the sensors don’t always go in well.

The Dex Com is has an inserter that comes with each sensor and you still have to manually work the inserter but it is just seems to work a whole lot better and is a lot less painful (the needle is smaller)

Hi folks…when I last posted in February it was not to be misconstrued as negative. Only a comment on the system of a CGM.
Quite honestly the MM comments surprise me. I chose to go with MM for many reasons. One being the size of the transmitter. Being a girl the size of the sensor/transmitter is important in clothes and the dexcom was too large for me.
I have no problem with the sans-serter insertion. Anything new is scary at first.
No problem with the insertion and there is no pain for me. MM customer service was awesome too.
I think it is a wonderful invention not yet perfected on any front but so very helpful
. I am a long time type 1 for 47 years and I will tell you that it is like a miracle just knowing the trends of my blood sugars.
The needle on the MM is longer for a better insertation/placement of the sensor which is the key to all. But everyone must make their own judgement call on their choice. Just thrilled to have it available…Staci