Stomach area bleeding with sensor......ugh!

I’ve been on the Medtronic CGMS for a little over 45 days now and everything was going smoothly until this weekend I hit a vessel in my stomach area. I followed the directions and applied pressure for about 5 minutes. The bleeding stopped so I proceeded to attach the transmitter. My readings were way off so the next day I changed out the sensor only to start bleeding alot again. So now I can mentally mark that spot as a no mans zone forever. My next sensor in a different place on my stomach came out after about 4 hours, even with the IV2000 over it! Since I’ve been pumping for many years I wonder if my skin is somewhat pulverized and soft so that the sensor might be more pronce to popping out. Or do they sell longer sensors? I do inject at a 90 angle (I’m guessing)So there goes $70 - although my insurance pays for it I can see where this is going to become a problem where I will run out of sensors. Does anyone else have stomach area bleeding problems? I usually don’t hit a vessell with the pump siloutte set. I’ve read here where Medtronic might replace bad sensors but what about the “I don’t have any control over it” sensors? I welcome your insight.

It’s normal to have a little blood whenever you inject the sensor. It goes pretty deep and there will always be a drop or two. But here’s a new development: my endo is with the Mayo Clinic, and she just told me last week that Minimed asked her to alert her patients to go back to the 45-60-degree angle rather than 60-90 degrees. So that should help it not penetrate so deeply.

Ok…I’ll ease up a little on the angle. I thought my trainer had advised me to go at more of an angle but I bled so much that it was kinda scary and uncomfortable. I wonder if it will also be prone to stay in more secure at less of an angle instead of a 90? I’ll try it and see. Thanks.

Hi Mark,
Yes it was a “gusher” but I guess I’ll have to get used to that on occasion. But I do have to say that things sure have come along since the 50’s and 60’s haven’t they? I think I’ll just stay away from the front of the tummy area and keep it more to the side and hip. Don’t want to place it on my thigh - that seems like it would be very uncomfortable but I’m still learning so we’ll see how it goes from here. Thanks for your help.

I haven’t used my abdomen but when I train people how to use the sensor, most of them choose the abdomen and so far there hasn’t been much bleeding except maybe for a couple drops that stops with just a little pressure. I was using my lower bumm area for the last 1 1/2 years but the last few months I haven’t been getting very good accuracy. So I finally got brave and switched areas to the “love handle” area and it worked much better accuracy wise but I was too near my waistline and so waist bands bothered it. I decided to try the back of my arma dn it bled a lot last night. Finally got to bed and it was fine but then must have bumped it and it bled quite a bit this morning. Cleaned it up and retaped because so far despite all the blood, it does seem to be working. Pretty scary though. Any suggestions?

Hi Donna,
I’m fairly new at this but I have been having lots of success just above the waist line on the side and around toward the back as far as I can reach. I wear everything that sits on the hips (pants and skirts) so that it doesn’t interfere with the sensor. I find that I usually bleed the more towards the center of my tummy that I go so I start nearer to the side. When I do have a “gusher or serious bleed” it is never accurate so I just avoid the area altogether. Good luck to you.

Thank you Linda, I really appreciate your suggestions. I wear everything at the waist but will try that area again just a little lower or higher because it did work well. Today, my sensor readings are within just a few mg/dl of my BGs so the back of the arm is working even though it bled a lot. I will probably try that again to see if maybe next time I don’t get the bleeding. Thanks again.