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Hi guys,

My story - I was diagnosed about 5 years ago after a good hard weekend of high carbs. I went to the doctor displaying all the classic symptoms of early keto-acidosis but the doctor never diagnosed it. I was diagnosed as type 2 because of my age (48 at that time) even though I was at normal weight. I have not had a formal diagnosis of LADA, again because of my age. I controlled my BGs with diet and exercise and used the typical type 2 meds. These meds were not effective and I slowly reduced my intake of carbs to less than 30 grams/day. At that point I asked to use insulin and was put on Novolog to help with the meals. That worked well for awhile but my fasting numbers slowly increased until they were around 120. At that time I asked for Lantus and have been using Lantus at night along with Novolog for my meals.

I have one big question - Is is worthwhile for me to get tested for all the antibodies to assure myself that I am, in fact, LADA? Would the tests show anything after all this time?


Hi Jerry! Welcome to TuDiabetes!

There are many people in this community with similar stories to yours. You should check out the LADA group.

I don’t think that there would be any difference in your treatment from KNOWING that you are a LADA. But it might teach your doctor what to test for next time someone else has a similar case!

It would be good to get a c-peptide test, which indicates how much insulin your body in producing (perhaps you have already had this). That way you can see what happens to your natural insulin production over the years…

You sound like me, except I am not that old. I was diagnosed as Type 2 as well but that was due to weight. Oral meds did nothing, started on insulin worked for a while started creeping up like yours did. Finally found out about LADA here and I started pursuing a pump and for my insurance I had to have a c-peptide done and that is when I found out I was LADA. I make next to no insulin.

I was diagnosed a year ago with Type 2 but it didn’t seem to fit so I did some research and came up with LADA by myself. I tested positive for Islet cell antibodies, but not the others and my C-peptide is in the normal range. I agree that the treatment sounds right but it might be a good idea to know for sure so that the doctor will get better educated. I recently added levemir and found it made a big difference to my meal time numbers, though my fasting is still usually under a 100.

Hi Jerry,
I agree with the others. No harm in getting at least a C-peptide, assuming that insurance/cost isn’t an issue. My other 2 cents: Maybe consider an insulin pump… they can really help to upgrade your quality of life.