New to group

Hi members,

I am new to the transplant group and just about a month into joining in general. T1D since 1982 and CKD since 2006, renal transplant recipient since January 15th 2010 thanks to my wonderful sister Laura who was not only happy but eager to donate. I have had some minor set backs since transplant but have been back to work since April of this year. My sister is very active on the donor websites and continues to stay active in the awareness arena as well.

My sister named her kidney "Kenny" before departing with him (I know, why Kenny? when we're both girls right?) I refer to him as such all the time and anyone who knows me, often asks.."how's Kenny doing"? Kenny is great, goes above and beyond the call of duty as seen by my 1.0-1.1 creatinine level and in range potassium and parathyroid hormone/vit D levels.

I have been accumulating wait time on the pancreas list and plan to activate early this fall so that I may be called in January of 2011. My surgeon and Nephrologist are eager for me to have the transplant but they will wait for me to be ready (they would like me to do it in August at the 6 month mark from the renal trx.)

I work as a medical technician doing patient care among a host of other things and just came back to work after being sick since tuesday with what I think was a virus I picked up from one of my patients....Universal precautions only get you so far :\

Will be glad to get home tonight and start the weekend with a nap.

So very grateful to be where I am today.

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Welcome. I find your name amusing. My home town has large decorated–hand painted frogs as its mascot. You’ll find them scattered throughout the city. Someone recently stole one from its base in front of the downtown library. Anyway…sounds like you’ve have had quite the journey. Your experience is much like a dear friend of mine. He lives his life with his hair on fire!!