New to OmniPod - A few questions


I am in the 45-day guarantee period for the OmniPod. I previously used Medtronic Minimed pumps for about 15 years. I am trying to decide if I should stick with the OmniPod or send it back. I am loving the tubelss aspect and the site change process is much easier, but I am dealing with some growing pains. Accordingly, I have a few questions:

  1. What do you use to upload your data from the OmniPod. my CDE said I could use Diasend, but after she did some research she discovered that Diasned does not offer this feature for at-home use, only for in the clinic. I have had problems downloading the CoPilot extension form Insulet's website, so have a ticket in with the CoPilot support group, but so far have not heard anything. This is not promising. Also, have you figured out a way to see both OmniPod data and Dexcom data in the same view?
  2. What is the deal with the recalled strips? It looks like they've had two recalls in about six months. Is the Freestyle meter in the PDM reliable? What is your experience? I have been using One Touch Ultra for years.
  3. How do you figure out the adjustments that the PDM is making to your bolus estimate based on IOB or out-of-target BGs? The Medtronic display breaks out the additional or subtracted amount in the estimate so that you can see it, but the OmniPod PDM just says "adjusted for IOB" or whatever.
  4. Do you have post pod change highs? How do you deal with them? I did not experience this with the Medtronic pump, but am seeing them now and notice that some others in this community have seen them.

I think that's it. Thanks so much for your help!

I've been pretty happy with the meter in the PDM; the recall was a pain but I like that it's combined - less things to carry around. I also used One Touch prior and keep that as a backup.

To see how the PDM is adjusting, press the "?" button when you get to the recommended bolus screen - although I'm not sure it's going to break it down as much as you're Medtronic did.

Hope that helps!

1) I use Co-Pilot with the Insulet extension. No problems.
Unfortunately, there is no way I know of to bring up the Dexcom and Co-pilot data in the same view. They are each standalone programs.

2)THe problem is not with the Omnipod - it is with quality control on
Abbott's strips as the problem occured on their older meters too. In practice, I have never had a problem with the strips.

3) As the previous reply said, push ? on the bolus screen and it will break down the calculation for you. It shows how much is being added or subtracted for correction, for meal IOB and correction IOB.

4) I do not experience this.

Re: #4 You can give yourself a small bolus before deactivating the pod to cover the period of time you will not have an infusion. Check what your basal per hour rate is for that period of time when you will change your pod and give yourself enough for 15 minutes, (or longer like a half hour if you want to shower pod-less.) Does that make sense? I hope I explained it correctly...

1. I'm a dexcom user, so I just use that data for my doctor. But for the Omnipod, he downloads what he wants from my Omnipod when I take it in. I've given up on CoPilot and it's quirks.
2. I use the lite strips. No problems.
3. I don't, simplicity is the Omnipod way. Less data is not great, but it's not bad either.
4. Only when I change to my abs. Arm changes never have a post change high. Go figure.