New to Pumping what are your Basal Rates?

I just started on the Medtronic MiniMed Insulin pump last Thursday. I was wondering what other pump users Basal Rates were? So far the pump is helping in just a couple days my numbers have gotten so much better. :) I couldn't get lower numbers when I was on shots because everytime my Dr would increase my Lantus I would drop a lot. I am still a little scared of dropping especially while we figure out my Basals. Anyway I know it takes time to really get it all ironed out but for curosity sake I wanted to ask about other pump users. Does it seem like I am on a lot of Basal or is this typical? Again I know everyone is different and I NEVER make a change without my Dr. :)

My Basals are as follows
12:00 A.M.-0.650U/H
3:00 A.M.-1.100U/H
8:00 A.M.-0.850U/H
9:00 P.M.-0.600U/H



Pump for a bit and you'll begin to make lots of changes without your Dr. :-)

My basal runs between .3 and .6 per hour, increasing as it gets cooler. Right now I'm on about 11.5 units per day. The right amount of basal is defined by what it takes to get steady good fasting numbers. As you said we're all different.


Hi, Nicole, and welcome to the pump! As you've already stated, everyone's basal rates will be different. As one guideline, your total daily basal dose would typically be 40-50 percent of your total daily dose (basal plus bolus).

I recommend highly John Walsh's recently updated book Pumping Insulin (fifth edition). he details how to test and set virtually every parameter in your pump -- including basal rates.

When I expect to exercise for an extended period, I set a temporary basal rate of some percentage of my normal rate an hour before exercising. Or I will simply suspend my pump altogether. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

12:00A .925
2:00A 1.2
4:00A 1.25
6:30A .8
2:00 .825

I think these are too high as I seemed to have a DP boost over the summer, even though I ran a lot to get ready for the marathon. It peaked around 1.4 and I've turned it down but I think I can go a shade lower.