New to the lingo

I have been (back then) what was called borderline diabetic from about 8-10 years old. I was 27 when i got prego and got gestational diabetes. after that my sugars went out of control. 5 years later they just now put me on insulin!!

So i am new to all the lingo I read alot to learn but you all put stuff in your blogs and postings that i do not understand.

Could you all List answers to waht all this means EX......Copied from a forum (hope that is ok)

"My urine results were 1.9g and my creatinine clearance was 125ml. And my blood results were 5.0g albumin and 27mg of BUN"

Things like that Sorry all just trying to understand what i am reading.

Please dont apologize! This place is all about asking questions. Those are a test for kidney problems. As far as I know, the creatinine is particles of protein in the urine. But, its relative to the amount of Albumin in your urine as well. And somehow the blood mixes in there, but someone more knowledgeable will have to elaborate. Hope this helps.

Taking the urine results first the 1.9g doesn’t reference anything in the above sentence so I can’t determine what they’re talking about, however creatinine clearance has to do with how fast one’s kidney’s are clearing creatinine from the body. The test result above doesn’t tell us clearly how much creatinine was cleared over a period of time. Typically a creatinine clearance test is determined by a 24 hour collection of urine. What is creatinine? It is a by-product of muscle metabolism and is cleared/removed from the body by the kidneys.

Albumin is a protein in the body, the only other thing I know is that it shouldn’t be found in the urine in any significant (if any) quantity and BUN is an ancronym for Blood Urea Nitrogen. All of the above tests in combination can give a doctor a picture so to speak of how well one’s kidneys are functioning.

Ok thank you, if you can find the time could you explain some of the abreviated diabetic/sugar stuff? just any thing would help. I am going to a clinic they dont explain much.

There is a website you might find useful to learn about these and other tests. It is You can either search in the name of the test you want to know about or browse tests or conditions. they do a good job of explaining the test, wh it is used and how to interpret the results, These are all kidney function tests and elevated results are a sign that your kidneys are no longer functioning normally,