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hiya! brief lurker here, just found this site when i was doing research on tresiba (sp?) which i was just prescribed and has been jacking my numbers! i have been a t1 for maybe 10 years, i’m sure facebook will remind me. i’m early 40’s and an audio archivist in chicago. i had been using lantus and novolog but was having nasty morning lows so my new PA suggested switching things up. i remember asking my old doc about t1 support groups as it seemed that there were a ton of t2 ones and she couldn’t recommend any :disappointed_relieved: happy to have found this resource and to let others know about it.

started with the libre system in june and it has been instrumental in helping to control my numbers. though i haven’t ever gotten below a 6.7, there is still hope! /headsofftoreadmoreaboutresiba


Superschein, I am sorry that you are having problems with Tresiba. I switched from Lantus because I had heard that my insurance wasn’t going to cover it anymore. I used to take Lantus twice a day and I love only taking Tresiba once a day. Are you sure your dose of Tresiba is high enough? As far as I know, your numbers shouldn’t be higher on Tresiba. I recently realized my 10 units weren’t enough and recently added a unit and found that I could decrease my Novalog one unit before each meal. I also no longer seem to be struggling with higher numbers in the early morning. Of course now I will have to see if I drop too low in the night. So far so good. I am a Tresiba fan.

Best of luck to you.

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I’ve been on tresiba about 2 months now, but it took about a month and a half to find the right dose. I was on lantus am and pm, and am now taking maybe 2/3 less tresiba once in the am only, but it took a while…technically, you should do the exact same activities as you normally would and fast to find the right dosage, but my job is somewhat labor intensive, and that didn’t really work. I was also taking too much lantus, so that was another issue…I tried the same amount, then reduced by 2 units every day until I felt comfortable with the numbers…also 6.7 is great…there is no research stating a 5 a1c is better than 7, and I’m type1 for 38 years never below 6.5…the goal of 7 is 7 to reduce death by hypoglycemia, which happens often for type 1s. Time in range is more important. Lowering low percentages are important also, but remember the percentage of type 1s <7 is 21%, so congratulations on your 6.7 your endo should have told you not to try for lower. And 79% of all type 1s are worse than you…

thanks you two! it definitely took about two months for things to level out. i found that taking 16 units of tresbia in the morning was the way to go. @Marilyn6 i have also found that often i don’t need as much novalog, sometimes even at all (gasp!!!). my a1c was 6.5 so i think i’m on the right track. i am nervous about rolling back event 1 unit due to nervousness around control. maybe if my next a1c is solid i will try. because sometimes, not having to do any novolog means i cheat and my mdisection is starting to show that :stuck_out_tongue:

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