New to TU and a little flabbergasted by all these resources, where should I start?

Hello my name is Lucas, I've had type 1 since I was 6, I am now almost 24. I've worked with diabetes camps, children's hospitals and diabetes organizations since I was 18. I am a former professional athlete in Belgium so I enjoy sports, but I probably enjoy talking with people about diabetes a little bit more. I decided to come back to the US to pursue a master's and maybe a doctorate in Public Health. I am in the process of writing my application. I feel very comfortable with my diabetes, but I never really have been around other diabetics consistently until now. I am a little bit cautious, but my goal is to become an active member in Tudiabetes. All the folks who have sent me welcoming messages I really appreciate it, you have definitely made me feel apart of the family. I speak French and Turkish and a little German so I am also really excited about the international climate that TUdiabetes brings. As I write this I am feeling more comfortable. I am in the process of starting a Diabetes and Sports Health camp for children and teenagers and if any body is interested I am happy to share and discuss ideas. So I've had diabetes for almost 18 years and by no means do I know all the answers. I know that everybody's diabetes (all types) is different. The area I have the most experience in is helping and working with children and teenagers and their families with their diabetes issues. I am eager to help anybody so feel free to ask or prod or poke. I do have some questions, but I'll wait for a couple days to ask them so I can get acclimated with this awesome website and community. Special Thanks to Manny, thanks for introducing me to your work. Oh also if you have suggestions on stuff I should check on while on here please let me know


Lucas Fogarty

Just a suggestion here but u might want to check out our groups here and join some of them. JUst go to the top of ur page and click on "groups" see what intrest u then join them. After u join up u can comment on any u join. U can click on the group that interest u and b/f u join up u can read what's on their pages and some of the comments other member who are part of that group have said. Oh and WELCOME!! This site is gREAT! I'm a Type 1 myself anytime u want just come to my page and leave a comment if I'm not on here I will be soon and will get back to u as soon as I see it there.

Lucas, what a interesting background you have. I was flabbergasted when I joined too, especially since my 15 year son had been recently been diagnosed, so there was much to learn. There has seemed to be a discussion for every topic imaginable. Some highlights include, helping to decide what pump and CGMs were right for us, book recommendations, insight in how others manage their D, and most of all being part of a great big family, that are caring and supportive who know what it takes to manage D. Join groups that you have interest in. Sounds like you have a lot of experience and education to offer the community! Best Wishes in your pursues. Emily :)

Welcome to the 'family', Luke.

Glad you found TuD Lucas! I've been involved with loads of online communities, and this one tops them all :)

Welcome. I know that things can be a little overwhelming. It is almost like drinking from a firehose. I would look around, find some interesting discussions and groups and just make a few posts. There are specific discussion forums for children, sports and other topics under the forum tab. And under the groups, there are quite a few that would probably interest you. This community, with more than 20,000 members offers a lot of social support and combined knowledge.

I'm glad to meet you Lucas! It sounds like you have a great plan and are working towards it. I seem to have been perhaps more of a drifter than a planner but it has worked out ok for me. I like plans though. I like BSC's characterization of Tu as "social support" as that seems very accurate. I'd go ahead and ask your questions though. I am into a couple of the groups but generally prefer to toss things out in the main forum to get the most diverse answers?

Hi Lucas

I to have joined this community a couple of months ago and it made me feel so much better, knowing I could ask questions and speak to people who were going through the same thing I was. I have been Type 1 for 25 years, and I still learn something new everyday! Enjoy!

Welcome! I'm a type 1 and very interested in learning more about the sports health camp. I have been very active my whole life and I attribute much of my excellent health to all my physical activity. Feel free to PM me with more details.