New To TuDiabetes

Hi everyone. I’m new to this website as of well tonight and I thought I would share a little about myself just to let people know who i am and this way if anyone wants to tlak to me or get to know me, they already know some about me. I’m 17 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on October 1, 2008. With a year under my belt, things have definitely gotten easier but i find myself at times feeling dragged down by my diabetes. I recently started on the OmniPod insulin pump back in November and I absolutely love it! I feel so much more free with it and I barely even feel it. Sometimes i have to remind myself that I’m wearing it. I’m really glad i found this website. I’m always looking for some way to connect with others who are going through or have gone through what I am and people who i can relate to! I’m here to meet new people and have conversations and share experiences so please, feel free to talk to me!

Glad you found us. Many here that can give you a hand on whatever questions you may have. You will meet a lot of friends too.

Hey Hannah! I’m 21 and I was diagnosed with Type 1 in April 09. I’m also on the pump – medtronic minimed. I agree that things are definitely easier with it! Glad to see you on the site!

Hello Hannah,
Glad you found us, too bad you had a reason to…
I’ve been a Type 1 for 53 years myself, and have been using insulin pumps for the last 16 years.
I also like to help other diabetics whenever possible, which I’ve been doing online for the last 23 years.
Modern technology makes it so much easier to get things treated right, unlike when I started treatment in 1956. We had NO one to learn from and doctors had only started even knowing there WAS such a thing as Type 1 (though it was called Juvenile diabetes way back then).

Welcome Hannah. Glad you found us =)

Welcome!! You’ll love it here! I’m a Type 1 from 1973 when I got diagnosed!!!

Happy you found us, Hannah. Welcome!

Many wonderful people here to share with. Don’t be shy about joining in the discussions, or start one of your own.

Hi Hannah,

Welcome to the site. My 12 year old daughter will be moving to a pump very soon. The top candidates that she is considering are the omnipod and the ping. Could you kindly share the tipping factors for you going with omnipod? Thanks so much.


Larry, i’d be happy to share about the OmniPod!

Well, the first thing i absolutely love about the OmniPod is that there is no tubing. And if i’m right the ping doesn’t either so that doesn’t really make a difference. But no tubing is wonderful! I also love that the omnipod is waterproof so you can go swimming with it, take showers and not have to worry about the water affcting the pump. Another thing i really like is the PDM which is what you use to control the oump. it’s super easy to mangae and navigate through the menus to do whatever it is you need to do. it’s also really easy to read which helps. And another good thing is that when you start on the omnipod, you can download a software onto your computer so you can download all of the information thta is saved into your PDM, right onto your computer. And the ping may have that option too but i don’t know if it does or not.

The best thing to do when trying to figure out which pump is right for you though would be to have the representatives from each of the pumps come to your house and walk you and your daughter through the pumps and show you how to use them and cool features and stuff like that. In the end your duaghter should just pick whichever pump she feels most comfortable with and which one she likes more.

Hope i’ve been of some help!

Hi Hannah, welcome. I’m on the pod myself and really enjoy it and I hope it goes great for you as well. Now get back to your studies…what can I say, I’m a father as well as a “podder”. Take care.

Welcome Hannah! Glad to see you found the NW diabetic group. I grew up in the Portland area, but I’m now in Washington state. Eighteen years now with T1 and still going strong:)

Hi… I just joined this site recently too. I am the mother of a 15 yr.old and he was just diagnosed in November. He will be going on a pump soon and has already decided he want the Omnipod. Are things still going well for you on it? Right now he uses insulin pens and hates to have to bolus w/pens when he is w/us out to eat or at the movies. If you have any pointers for him as a teen on the omni pod…he reads everything I write on here. Thanks.