hey i’m kinda new to this webiste and i’ve found it hard to try and get my way around, but i just hoping to meet people that are in the same situatuion as i’m in. i also really like this website although it came up oon my computer as a pop-up oo wekk. if you want to you can leave me a comment and i’ll get bak 2 u as soon as possible.

Welcome to the community, Nyachin!

The navigation bar up at the top should help you a lot. The “Forum” is a place to start and/or participate in discussions. The “Groups” are places where you can find discussions localized to a smaller group of people who share something in common. The “Blogs” are people’s personal journals (like this one).

On your profile page, your blogs are listed, all your recent activity, your photos and bits of info about you, and any comments that members leave for you on your page. You can check out other members’ pages and leave them comments on their pages and read their blogs, too!