guess nobody really wants to be a member of this club…

I’m really still in good shape, Dad was LADA - now my numbers are showing pre-diabetic. I’m going to watch this super carefully and it seems like the best course of treatment for LADA is straight to insulin. At what point do you think one should do that? my fasting numbers are around 113 right now with good diet, and I go hypo after meals, sometimes as low as 49, (bad meal) but usually in the 60-80 range if I eat well. I I’m a little afraid of starting too early because those hypos are super uncomfortable.

Thanks for your input -

Hi Karen,

In my opinion, your numbers look great for now but with LADA that will change, it’s just a matter “when”. I would assume that insulin wouldn’t be started until that happens; when you no longer make enough insulin to bring down your post meal BS. Congrats though on your early correct diagnosis. There are quite a few of us here who were misdiagnosed as T2 and put on oral meds when in fact we were T1/LADA and insulin was started much later than it should have been. I think the progression from prediabetes to full blown varies; for me I was diagnosed “pre” and at my next 3 month visit I was diagnosed with full blown T2 and sent on my way with metformin , however, my numbers kept getting progressively worse. Finally, I was sent to see an endo, diagnosed as T1/LADA and put on insulin.

My advice…see and endo as soon as you can. Some insurance companies (like mine) require a referral from your PCP and sometimes they won’t do that until they feel it’s necessary…so start nagging early lol.

You’re right … nobody wants to be a member of the diabetes club, but you’ll be happy to be a member of Tudiabetes!


I am so glad you caught your DX! Just like Kristy said slot of people get missed DX. I was Blessed beause my Endo knew I was Lada when I first walked in his door 4 yrs ago. I was placed on oral meds and in January of this year my pancreas and oral meds wouldn’t meet in the middle. I am now using the Omnipod system and I love it.

Best advice go see an Endo and hopefully the Endo you see will be able to help you. If you have any question ask away. Welcome to TuDiabetes!

I was diagnosed with LADA a year ago and started using 2-4 U of bolus insulin (Novolog) immediately since my post meal BG went up to 180 with only a small amount of carbohydrates. My fasting is never over 100 so I thought I didn’t need basal insulin, but I recently started on 4 U Levemir in the morning and now find that I usually don’t need the Novolog with meals as long as I stay low-carb. It seems that even though my fasting numbers were low, the basal helps to regulate my post-meal BG. I don’t go hypo with the basal as long as I don;t forget to eat when I am very active, and even then, i don’t go really low. There’s plenty of time to take care of it as compared to with Novolog, which hits very quickly. I hope you can find an endo who is knowledgeable about LADA. I have had to do all the research myself and educate my doctors.

wow, Kristi - that’s a quick progression from pre to full blown -
my Dad was “T2” and on oral meds for five years - I don’t know which one - it was back in the mid 1980s - I just assume I will proceed like he did - but better watch it close if it can go that quick -
I really appreciate you guys sharing your experiences - I am trying to wrap my head around all of the types of meds so I’m armed well in advance -
Libby, is Basal what they call ‘long acting’ and novolog what they call ‘quick acting’? There are probably other brands in these catagories -

Yes …I was misdiagnosed as T2 (just based on my age…37 at DX)… Knowing what I do now… and what my PCP “should” have known is that quick progression should have been a red flag for T1/LADA…especially given my weight. At dx of pre diabetes I was 137 about 10lbs over… within those 3 months I cut carbs/exercised as per doctor’s orders…lost 15lbs so I was completely shocked when I was told I had full blown diabetes…Looking back now, I also remember having lots of hypo’s when I was 36 but blamed it on all the coffee I drank. Seems the pancreas must go into warp drive before it starts to burn out…

Educating yourself early and being so proactive is the best thing you can do!

I think reactive hypo can be a early diagnostic - (but what do I know??)

“Seems the pancreas must go into warp drive before it starts to burn out…”

exactly my feeling -

It is tragic for the mis diagnosed LADA pt to be told they can 'prevent, reverse or halt the progression of diabetes by lifestyle alone. It only creates depression, confusion and guilt when it doesn’t happen.


You are so right. I was initially diagnosed as T2 (at age 34 w/ no family hx of diabetes) and told to try to control it by diet and exercise. Nothing, however, seemed to work and, for the first time in my life, I started losing weight without really trying. Six months and 10 pounds later (now I’m 5’5’’, about 120lbs), I was diagnosed T1.5. I’m still waiting for my endo to figure out how to treat me and will be requesting insulin during my next visit (januvia and metformin did nothing). Frustrating!

Your numbers look great–I’d take them!

Yep, basal lasts from 18-22 hours. Levemir, Lantus and NPH are some of the most common brands. Novolog and Humalog are fast acting (bolus) insulins, taken at meal-times and Regular insulin is also taken at meals, but not quite as fast as the other two and lasts a bit longer.