Thanks for all the welcome,and friendly greetings,I'm still sorting out how to feel,
having a hard time sorting out proper diet.

Welcome. I am sure someone here will help you with your diet if you tell us what is causing you problems. Meanwhile you might like to look through the Groups on this site, there are several relating to diet.

Welcome Fayola! We're all different in terms of diet, so there's no one way to go. But in general, the idea is to "eat to your meter". In other words eat a meal, test 2 hours later and see how you do. If you spike beyond your target then you know you have to either cut the carb content of the foods you eat, or eat smaller servings of them (or both). A good place to start is to determine your post prandial goal. For me, I try and be under 140 two hours after eating. Some are stricter, but for me that is where studies show complications start to form so that is where I want to be under. Figuring out what works for you is a lot of trial and error. But in general the less carbs you eat the less your blood sugar is raised.

WELCOME FAYOLA!!!!!!! I'm sure u'll find someone here to help u with ur diet. Just like Pastelpainter said check out some of our groups here. After u find some u want to join just join up and leave ur comment there. Or just come to our page and ask. If we can help we will!

Good to have you here at TuD with us Fayola. Welcome! :)

Thanks for all the warm welcomes to the site. I guess the only way to get the best advice is to let the cat out of the bag...when I was diagnosed my BG was 462 and I have been trying hard to get it down but my doctors are still very concerned because my fasting mg/dl is lingering around 309-325 and my after meals is around 345. I also have a current problem with my feet especially in the bones its kind of tender...should I be worried? My doctor currently is more concerned about bringing the mg/dl levels down. Besides that my biggest issue is that I was a very heavy eater and the meals/diets obviously have to decrease in size and what I ate, so is there anything advisable to help with the hunger?

I see you were diagnosed on 11/28 (my birthday, actually!), which is very recent. It definitely takes awhile to find the right treatment regimen. I assume the doctors have been trying you on various oral meds? If those continue not to work to bring the numbers down, you may need insulin. One thing that not every doctor is aware of is that you need to be certain that you are in fact Type 2 and not Type 1. Some people still believe Type 1 is only diagnosed in children which is incorrect. (I'm a Type 1 (slow onset) diagnosed at age 58! Your doctor is correct that your numbers are extremely high and need to be brought down.

As for diet, you might want to make changes gradually and not try anything extreme that you won't be able to stick to. Carbs in general, and sugar in particular are very addictive and you will have cravings for awhile - which are specific, rather than general "hunger". As you gradually reduce carb intake and portion size you will feel less cravings. It takes time. My suggestion is to find foods that are better for your diabetes management that you also enjoy. It's just like with a weight loss diet, if you feel deprived all the time it won't work in the long run. So it is a process of learning and trying things and that will take time. But if your numbers aren't coming down at all you may need to push your doctors to test for Type.

Welcome! Numbers in the 300s are certainly a reason for concern. If your doctors cannot get a handle on things, you might ask them if insulin might be an appropriate treatment either long-term or as just in the short/intermediate term to get you back towards a reasonable baseline.

The foot pain may well improve once you get your blood sugars into a reasonable range.

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Lowering BG is critical to helping your feet, your doctor has that part right at least. There seems to be some debate on the rate of lowering though. If you decrease too fast, it may cause problems, especially feet and eyes. You mention LADA (edit: i think i'm losing my mind and read something i didn't see? I don't see it mentioned now, in which case, you should ask about it from your doctor!) so I am assuming (edit: hope! if not, ask them to run tests for antibodies, IA, GAD, etc. c-peptide...) they did a full panel of tests. You should be off any oral meds by now i hope, and on insulin? If you haven't seen an endo yet, try to get scheduled to see one soon as you can!

As far as feeling hungry... that also takes some time to sort out. Along with your new life, you'll learn about carb counting and all that fun stuff! Not to worry, it takes time to absorb all this new info and eventually it becomes second nature. A good idea for hunger thing is a good mix of carbs, fats and protein. Fats and proteins are what will help you feel full longer. Hopefully they have you scheduled to visit with educators too? Of course, you can always ask here, give some examples, get feedback and ideas. This place is awesome for down to earth advice from people much smarter than me!

Again, welcome to TuD! We'll help get you down to normal BGs before you know it!

Welcome. You are in a very good place to accomplish your goals. It is overwhelming at first. There is so much to learn about D and how to manage it. Then you must figure out how all of this works for you. TuD has helped me learn all of this very quickly (still learning too). Read the forums and blogs. Follow the links to other resources like

I was dx'd just over a year ago as T2 like you. After a couple weeks and nothing was working with T2 treatment the Dr made more tests and found I was really T1. My BG began to drop as soon as I started insulin. The folks here offered solid advise and guidance which made my work much easier. The support is wonderful.

It does get easier as you learn about D and also as you bring it under control and understand what is happening within your body.