Newbie LADA Diagnosed 10 Days Ago

Hello all and thanks to those welcome notes.

I was initially diagnosed Type 2 in late September. I geared up to battle the dragon. Started walking and quickly advanced to jogging, followed the dieticians advise and started feeling pretty good. Lost weight (about 11 pounds in a month or so) but my Fasting Blood Sugar levels were averaging 116 spiking in the 140 to 160 range 2 hours postprandial. My Doctor ordered another blood test on my follow up and I was informed last week that I was positive for the GAD Antibody.

Here are my vitals
Symptoms that got me to go see a doctor for the first time in 8 years were a slight loss of energy,

52 year old caucasian male
5'8'' tall weighing in at 208 lbs.
Blood pressure 158/102
Fasting Blood Sugars 131 and 129
a1c 5.7
serum insulin 11
GAD 250
82 year old Dad insulin dependent last 20 years

Doctors orders as of Nov. 2nd
Keep doing what your doing and keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. When they get out of whack we will administer medications.She also prescribed 40 mg of lucinapril for high blood pressure at initial examination.

I have quit exercising and have gone to a very low carb diet, mostly meats, nuts and low carb veggies adding up to well under 50 carbs a day. Additionally I am taking 1400 mg ECGC (green tea), 5000mb vit D, and 500mg cinnamon supplements. My fasting blood sugar levels have gone down to an average of 92 since starting the low carb diet and my postpradial numbers are maxing out at 130 occasionally and less than 120 normally, and I have lost an additional 4 lbs since stat date Nov 3rd. I am not concerning myself with calories, just carbs.

So my goal is to extend my honeymoon period so that I may be effectively treated with DiaPep277 when it hits the market.
I have an appointment with an Endo on January 2nd.

Any thoughts on what is going on? Am I doing anything dangerous?

You are lucky to have a doctor who knew to test for GAD 65 antibodies. Personally I would add some exercise and some more good carbs. 50 g. seems really low to me. I recently started on insulin 5 years after my diagnosis and about 2.5 years after my positive GAD 65 antibody test.
Information on TuDiabetes now leans to going on insulin sooner than later like I did.
Keep up the good work.

I thanked her for getting it right however I was not pleased when she laughed and said "are you kidding! " when I asked her about starting on insulin. I don't know what the protocol is but I have heard it may be beneficial to start early. I'll ask the Endo.

I also am brand new to this thing although with less beta cell viability thus am now on insulin. I am doing pretty much the same as you diet wise. I was previously on the "Primal Diet" so have not found my new lifestyle totally unfamiliar. I do agree that you should continue the excersize for multiple reasons. Good luck

Hi Patrick: Welcome! I think it would be good to talk with the endo about going on insulin. David Klonoff MD, UC San Francisco, and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology says, “It is important to correctly diagnose LADA in adult patients with new onset of diabetes to identify patients at risk of losing beta cell function, who should be started on insulin early (rather than oral agents) to help preserve beta cell function” (, October 19, 2011). Basically, if you maintain tight control using insulin, you preserve remnant beta cell function, which makes it easier to control your diabetes, significantly reduces your risk of complications, and just makes your life better. For many people, in the "honeymoon" period very little insulin is needed to maintain tight control. Let us know how your appointment goes with the endo!

Melitta is right. Check out with your endo about what can help now. A non diabetic fasting would be somewhere between 70-100 and you are insulin deficient and may have some insulin resistance too. Any weight loss along with exercise helps. You may find that even with your best efforts diet may not do it.

You have to take into account too that your meter can be off 10-15 points so you may be higher. If your peeing alot and loosing weight I would see if you could get in with the endo quicker. They often have stand by appointments for cancelations. Good luck

So when I first got the the T1 dx I asked why if my serum insulin was normal yet my fasting #'s are high could I be both T2 and T1.It makes logical sense to me that I have insulin resistance. Since going low carb my highest BG has been 113 with the exception of one 20 carb meal that peaked at 129. I was also wondering what the GAD # of 250 indicates, ie. is that REALLY high, does it indicate how long the GAD has been present, can the # be a predictor of rate of beta cell degregation? I am on the stand by list at the Endo. I would really like some answers. Thanks for all of your input.

When I was diagnosed as T1, my endo pretty much said what Melitta stated...I needed insulin immediately to preserve what beta cells I have left functioning...He said I could try oral meds but it ould be useless and I would need insulin regardless....I forget what my GAD was but it was ridiculously high...My fastings were never a problem but it was the rest of the day that was crazy..I am currently on the pump and I do eat a friendly carb diet as I call it..The only starchy carb I eat is bran cereal..Otherwise I stick with veggies, fruits and 3oz prot with meals..My insulin requirements are low but even with the nicer carbs, I still need insulin to really help my 2hr post and nighttime..I agree that you should try to get on the list if there is a cancellation..Good luck

Wow jujube, your were diagnoses in August and already pumping. I can't wait tosee the Endo, I have so many questions and it sucks not having a game plan. Everything I've read says to get on a small dose of insulin, I wish I had been more firm with my GP when I asked her about the possibility of starting insulin. Her reaction was so smug and made me feel like a hypochondriac, Well anyway my #'s have been between 85 and 104 for the last few days so this low carb thing is working to stabilize BG. Iike to eat alot of carbs to see what happends.