Newly Dx'd 1.5

Hello all,

I figured I should introduce myself. I am 36 and was Dx'd officially on the 16th of November. Over the last 3 months or so I have lost 50 pounds. I had been very tired and lethargic. Polydipsia and polyuria. I didn't want to do anything but sleep. Not very hungry but could not get enough to drink.

I had been looking into taking part in a research study. I really could have used the extra couple hundred bucks (who couldn't, right?). They ran a full set of labs, a full physical, EKG, etc etc. No problem. About a week after I had the labs and all done, I received a phone call from one of the head research MDs. He told me I wasn't eligible as they done allow diabetics in the study. I said "What?" I was told my fasting CBG was 397 and my HgA1C was 11.4. He told me I needed to probably get an appointment to see my PCP and that he was mailing me a copy of my lab results.

I mentioned this call to my mom, who is type 2 herself. She was a bit concerned. Understandably so. I ended up going to bed early that night. The next morning, my mom came over, woke me up and told me to test my CBG. 630AM mind you :) My CBG was 462. She pretty much freaked out. I called my PCP's office as soon as they opened. My doc called about an hour later and told me to keep checking my CNG's and that she was starting me on Metformin 500 2x a day. This was the 4th of November. I wasn't able to get an appointment until the 16th.

I kept checking my CBG. I was running extremely hyper. Never got below 300 and had had a few over the limit of the meter (600). Still drinking H2O like a fish and peeing like a racehorse. Kept checking 4 times a day. Finally, I get in for my appointment. My doctor checks me out, looks over the labs I had done, checks my CBG. Again, over 300. She says, "Well, you obviously are diabetic. The meds aren't working by themselves so now you are going to need insulin." I have worked the last 6 years in Nursing and have worked with many patients with DM, so I had a good idea what was coming next. I have to say, I REALLY love the Flex Pens :) So, I start Levemir at 2 units and increase by 2 every evening until I get to 150 or lower (eventually changed to 120). And continue the Metformin. Come back in a week. And do a big batch of labs. Complete Met Panel, Lipids, and a C-Peptide (on my recommendation).

The next week we revisit. The C-peptide came back 4.0. Scale is 1.1-4.4. Ok, I am making insulin. I ask her what type I am. She says that I am not a T-1 but definitely don't fit the profile of a T-2. Calls me T-1.5. The rest of the labs look ok, except for my Triglycerides, they are still high but have come way down from the 950 I was back in June. Just over 500. Coming way down. She bumps up my insulin a little, continuing to increase by 2U until I get "normal". She and I talk a bit more about labs, so I ask her what about GAD panel. She loves the idea and adds on the whole LADA panel. Groovy.

So now I am waiting for my 2 week follow up. I am up to 44U of Levemir and now at 1000mg of Metformin 2x a day. I have been testing probably 6-8 times a day, trying to see where my CBG is trending. I have had a few in the "Good Zone", but still have large swings over 260. My average is still 190. Really trying to pay attention to what I eat and how much. Salad is my friend :) With Balsamic vinegar only.

Yesterday, I had my first hypo. I was at the park with my 6 yr old son and a friend and her boys. I was playing the Monster and chasing them all around the play structure. I hadn't eaten anything since that morning. I was talking with my friend and just started to get really dizzy. My body started shaking and I broke out in a sweat. She asked me if I was ok. I told her I wasn't feeling right and to get my Man Purse from my truck, as I had a tube of glucose tabs in it. I thought that, since I was now on insulin, I had better pick some up. Good idea that was.... Ate a couple and tested. 61. Oops. So now I know to make sure I eat before running around the park with the kids.

Now I am waiting. Trying to learn as much as I can to help myself. Lots of time on here and another site. Researching. I know I would like to see a CDE, but I think I will ask my doc about it. Not sure if I should ask for a referral to an Endo or no. My PCP is really quite good. Very on top of things, plus a kick in the a$$ too LOL :)

I have to say, I love the 50# weight loss :) I am with in 15 # of where I have wanted to be for many a year. Just don't think the way I lost it was the best diet plan... ;)

OK, I am done rambling now. I would love input, thoughts, ideas, shared stories, and even just support. It's still sinking in.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope to make some good friends and Kindred Spirits here.

BB and Namaste`


Welcome. I am glad you were able to get treated and get your blood sugar under control. I think for many of us here, we would have freaked at the fasting level of 397 mg/dl and headed to the ER. But everything worked out ok. As to the diagnosis, it is still up in the air and you may never actually get a definite confirmed diagnosis. The tests are not 100% accurate on typing diabetes (more like 80%) and in the end it probably doesn't matter. What really matters is that you get proper treatment. And now that you are on insulin you are able to get your blood sugars normalized. There are many others here who have been diagnosed as LADA.* Manny, our esteemed founder is a LADA. There is a an active group on LADA (click this link), and you will find many discussions. And you can always ask a question, there are many knowledgable people who will chime in.

Again, welcome

* Many people consider Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults (LADA) to just be slow onset type 1 diabetes. The term Type 1.5 is confusing. There are other types of diabetes (such as MODY) that are also at times considered Type 1.5.

Hello BB. I am happy you are now taking control. Losing weight is a great step. You didn't mention your weight or height, but I assume you are still working on it. Good. Your next step may be a dietician. You mentioned you were 36, and I assume you know it will be a lot harder to lose weight in your 50s. (me). Lots of folks in here to read your posts. Continue your journey so you can live a long life. We all listen in here. Don't get does get better.

Lol, you're right, I did... 6'2", currently 232#, down from 285 in August. I would LOVE to get down to 220. I am hoping to get in to a dietitian and maybe a CDE soon. My PCP is absolutely great, but she only has so much time she can schedule for all of her patients. I'm just not a very patient patient ;)

what made your endo say not a type 2, it sounds like you're probably a type 2 - especially because your mother has it. you're making insulin, a very strong amount and are taking a very large dose (compared to type 1's) of lantus - basal, which suggests insulin resistance. type 1's are typically very insulin sensitive and require smaller doses of both basal and bolus. It also sounds like you have other metabolic symptoms, i.e., weight, cholesterol, etc...which typically aren't a factor for type 1's. it sounds like basic type 2 to me, unless i'm missing something here? There is late onset type 1, which is adult onset type 1 diabetes, it's just the same as ''juvenile diabetes' but hits as an adult and we typically test positive for the antibodies which are killing our beta cells, same as a type 1 child, our cpeptides are typically very low.

Her explanation was the large rapid weight loss and very high CBGs (both fasting and postprandial). She treats a number of DM patients and really has her... stuff... together. :) And the fact that she had no doubts in her mind I was 1.5 from the get go. Other than the IR, I seen to have the majority of S&Sx of Type 1.5.

I come to find out, pretty much everyone on my mom's side of the family is diabetic. Actually a mix of T-1 and -2. Personally, from talking with my aunt, I am thinking she might actually be 1.5. She fits pretty much all the criteria too.

Thanks :)