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I see bits of breaking news from ADA, talking about various topics. But I want this to happen:
“We have to make diabetes technology for people with diabetes as common as cellphones."- @TomDanne #diabetes #ADA2020 #ADAGoesVirtual #ADA2020chatroom“ from Twitter.
The fact I can’t have a simple Freestyle Libre to use, but One touch upgrade the meter I am told to use. Don’t they get after 28 years of blood sugar checking I am tired of finger sticks. So if anyone is listening ,upgrade your technology to more than a finger stick. Thank you for listening. Nancy50


I agree but a lot if people need both because cgm is not aLways accurate, so having both is necessary.

My point was more people, type 2’s should have access to CGM’s many do not. Nancy50

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This is a specific T2 system if you are looking. I believe Dexcom produces one as well.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Type 2s using insulin are more likely covered for cgms, depending on their plan.

For those not on insulin, I would think they don’t usually test that often.

Dexcom info here says available for medicare with type 2 using insulin.

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Dexcom G6 CGM is the best one on the market. It is far above the Medtronic. It is more stable and does NOT require finger sticks unless the wearer feels their actual blood sugar is different from what the CGM is reporting. The FDA has cleared the Dexcom G6 accuracy to allow insulin dosing. I wear on with a Tandem CIQ pump. This is the best system available.

Here is the link to Dexcom’s G6 information.
Dexcom G6

I’ve been through the CGMS evolution starting with medtronic Sof-sensor, then dexcom Seven, G4, and now G6. Also tried freestyle libre. Its definitely improving with each iteration.
And night and day to my initial glucose urine testing in a test tube and early BG testing with guillotine blood lancet devices.


This is what I do not have.

  • Uses an insulin pump or takes ≥3 daily injections of insulin
    I take trulicity and tresiba. . Nancy50

I am a new user to dexcom. I was users to calibration twice a day. I as checking on my dex and it’s pretty spot on. I only do finger sticks once a week now, and a day after I change my sensor.
Other than that it works with no calibration most of the time.

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Because I’m not on insulin, I have to pay Walgreens $65.41 for 2 Freestyle Libre 14-Day sensors per month. But it’s helping me to stay off of insulin, so I feel it’s worth it.