No Low Carb

I read Bernstein a few years ago, and tried his approach. I’m pretty sure it brought my A1c down from about 6.8 to 6.2. I don’t think it did a lot for my overall health. If you’re a Bernstein follower - good luck.

About two years ago I learned about Team Type 1. If you haven’t read their story - you should. I’d like to listen to Phil Southerland and Dr. Bernstein debate carb intake.

I’m 50 years old and cycle to stay healthy and keep my insulin needs low. I eat a ton of carbs when I exercise. I eat a ton of carbs after a good ride. I eat a ton of carbs before a hard ride. My A1c varies between 6.2 and 6.8. I can ride a bicycle 100 miles. I’m average.

This is one of my favorite bike rides. My house to the visitor center in the Colorado National Monument. About a 1200’ climb, only 8 miles. Make sure your BG is over 100 to start. Eat about 40 grams of carbs. (Clif Bar, or Three Musketeers, or PopTart…yummmmmmy!) Cut your basal in half. Ride your heart out for an hour. Eat another 30 when you get home. Bolus for 1/2 of what you ate. Keep this up and your TDD drops considerably!

Hey Joe, Wow, thats great with your bike riding, wow, I can see where you need to load up with carbs for that workout. I just use the Nordic Trac and walk, perhaps not quite as rigorous but its something… I used to do some powerlifting so I am a big guy…

As to Bernstein, I think its sorta a individual thing. I have heard it called the Caveman diet. I have been on it now for 3 months and have lost a ton of weight. I am probably around 40-55 carbs though a day unlike what he recommends. I think it would be too brutal following it to the letter but its doing the trick for me. I dont want to shoot the lizard spit (Byetta) lol… or Similyan unless I have too. I dont know how well I could pull on my lifts with his diet but I doubt I could pull as I once did…

I am T-2 so I am different than you but thinking I may still have to go on Lantus or Levemier to control my mornings awakening.

Thought I would stop in and say hi, good luck man and keep those peddles moving!

I got a free two pack of Pop Tarts in the mail, yesterday… lol Of some new flavor called “Wild Grape”… you can have em if you want. hahaha

Hi Joe. Just like you, I am very active. I lift weights and do about 20 mins cardio about 3 days/wk. I also race BMX and ride several times/wk. My BG doesn’t varry too much when I do my workouts at the gym so I try to start with a BG of around 120 just in case I drop. I try to stay around 150 when I am racing or practicing on my BMX bike. I seem to perform best around 150. In order to get my BG up to these levels, I eat a decent amount of carbs, especially the day after. I seem to see the biggest drop the following morning after a hard workout and need to eat extra carbs to avoid delayed onset hypos.

Keep ridng!

Hi, Joe. FYI - I am a T2. diagnosed last August. My pancreas is pretty much shot, did not want meds, started VERY low carb diet and multitude od recommended supplements. Lost 30Lb, controling my glucose to a very reasonable level. I am 68, and still need to lose about 20Lb. to be at my recommended wight. I CANNOT eat any carbs without my glucose shooting up, big time. So - for me this diet is a life saver and I mean that litterally. I excersize in the gym, and on weekends walk 30min. decent pace. Without this very strict diet, I would be on meds and probaly isulin. We all are different and choose different waus to deal with our diabetes, the goal is to have it under control. My stating A1c was 11%, I am now about 5.5%, good luck, Lucy