No Sugar Added Poetry Book

I was so happy to receive the “No Sugar Added” poetry book I won on Twitter today in the mail. It is physically a very beautifully done book, and the writing is wonderful. I love knowing so many of the contributors through on-line resources like the D-OC Twitter and Facebook. My son has had Type 1 diabetes for 13 out of his 18 years. He does not remember life before diabetes. He has one older and one younger brother who have also had diabetes in their lives for 13 years. Michael often makes it look easy to live with diabetes. He was voted Best All Around in his High School Yearbook. He competes on a national level in volleyball, and made All League in both volleyball and Soccer multiple years. He got into almost every college he applied to. I am amazed and awed by his perseverance. It is people like you on TU Diabetes, and the D-OC that understand just how hard he has to work to make those achievements possible. For me, finding a whole community of people who “get it” has changed my world. I am continually inspired by the stories I hear of people who have grown up with diabetes, and how open and wonderful they are in the sharing of both the stories and advice. The poetry takes it all to even a different level, and I know this book will be read time and time again. Michael wrote a poem in 8th grade:

Without you, I would not be who I am today.

Without you, I would not know the meaning of real work,

Would not have been forced to grow up so young,

Would not have had to go through those tough times,

Or had those amazing experiences.

Without you, I would not have that chip on my shoulder,

Pushing me along.

I would not have that constant thought,

Or such a strong conscience.

Without you, I would not be Michael Vahradian,

So thank you diabetes.

So, I guess I too can thank diabetes for opening up a world to our whole family. Here’s too all of you!! ANd thanks again for the beautiful book.

What fantastic, inspiring achievements by your son, and a great poem too! We often forget that there CAN be positives from diabetes, as it forces us to understand our health better and look after ourselves. ‘Well-controlled diabetes is the major cause of absolutely nothing!’ Glad you love the book!

Alan, author of ‘Ode to a Perfect Pancreas’ :slight_smile:

Hi Melinda! Nice to see you posting here and what a great opportunity to share Michael’s powerful poem.

Thanks for your kind words about the book, Melinda! Please tell others around you about the book and let them know they too can get their own copy at By getting a copy they are also helping the Diabetes Hands Foundation!