Nobody responded to ( still can't lose the weight that I gained from 4 years ago from the pregnancey of my daughter ) I wonder if I'm the only type one who ever gained 90 lbs with pregnancey

Please reply to how much you gained while pregnant , even if it was very little … Because all I know is that when I was pregnant I was refilling up my pump once a day and I am scared to ever get pregnant again because I cannot afford to gain another 90 lbs when I’m still stuck with 50 of those pounds

Sorry to hear that you didn’t lose the weight. That was a lot of weight. Many Women(including non-Diabetics) have the same complaint about losing their weight. I gained 26 pounds for my first Baby and 23 pounds for my second Baby. The rest of my Baby weight disappeared after 3 days. My Niece gained about 80 pounds(couldn’t believe it) but she isn’t a Diabetic nor are her Kids. She was originally 118 pounds. She did lose it all after her third Child.

I weighed 100 lbs at my wedding, conceived on my honeymoon and weighed 186 lbs the day I delivered my son. I ate 1,000 calories a day (I know not enough!) and walked daily and I was down to my prepregnancy weight after only 4 months.
I know what NOT to do next time I’m pregnant! I’ll be super cautious about everything I put into my mouth next time.