Non diabetic hypoglycemia and dexcom

Well it’s also nocturnal so at night even if I don’t eat sugars it stays below 70 I know it’s weird but I might ask my doc for some scans maybe MRI because I have tried low sugar keto like diet but it’s hard I have Celiac’s as well so I’m allready on that diet very strict my doctor is thinking that my intestines don’t absorb enough glucose to feed me and if it does my pancreas is overproducing insulin to drop it but it does not stopping on time lol

@Robr On one of those hypoglycemia threads someone was talking about celiacs and not absorbing carbs well. I know my dog who is a diabetic too has a stomach disorder and takes a long time to absorb food, it hits hours later. The thing luckily that is the fastest is a glucose syrup when she’s low.

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@Marie20 yeah I have heard that too.
I thought because of the symptoms that I might have Addison’s but that’s ruled out by the blood work that I had done

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Have you resorted to the ol’ 2 or 3AM alarm clock wake up and blood sugar check?
Its the worst, but in a pinch, it is sometimes effective at keeping critical failures from popping up.

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That my friend is a mild RH sugar crash during the night. A true reading of under 50 is a hypo. meters only give a guide. I would use finger pricks over the libra. They can be inaccurate. I personally would ignore over 50, unless I had symptoms. How RH can be controlled is by a change of diet, like keto or LCHF, to see if that works better

Here are some other people with it


Treatment and disposition of hypoglycemia are guided by the history and the clinical picture. Serum glucose should be measured frequently and used to guide treatment, because clinical appearance alone may not reflect the seriousness of the situation.

Hypoglycemia is defined according to the following serum glucose levels:

  • < 50 mg/dL in men

  • < 45 mg/dL in women

  • < 40 mg/dL in infants and children

If the cause of hypoglycemia is other than oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin in a diabetic patient, other lab tests may be necessary.

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Oke small update I’ve changed insurance and the new one gave me the dexcom g6 with no questions asked. I do have my glucose levels under control and they are a stable 100 all week I am constantly looking on my phone and if I see it’s going lower then 90 I’m eating or drinking and I’m feeling better. Just had my Christmas holiday spend in New York and walked about 10-12 miles everyday ouch lol. So I’m super happy that it all worked out. Unfortunately I will not be going back to Cigna insurance


Wow! That is such great news for you. Thanks for the update!

You’re waking up in the middle of the night and checking your blood sugar with a finger prick meter? True non diabetic (read— non insulin induced) hypoglycemia is extraordinarily rare while false severe hypoglycemia cgm alarms at night are extraordinarily common…

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@Sam19 yep done that I got a slide elevated igf2 but I get retested in January but yeah now at night I’m about 75 what is okay I had 1 alarm in the last week other than that during daytime stable around the 90 to 110 it’s easier to control when you’re awake

Hey everyone small update on life with the g6.
After being diagnosed with hypoglycemia and all the problems I have and had. With the insurance company.
I am now almost a year on dexcom 3/4 year lol, I’m doing great! I am able to keep my sugar levels stable and I feel better then I felt before.

I have my bad days so now and then but other than that I can control it. I know when im getting low thanks to dexcom and I can act accordingly. My average is now 104mmol over sd of 24 what are great numbers my a1c is 5.9
So after all the hassle I’m thankful that my new insurance gave me the ability to live life again!
No hospital visits at all just my check-ups at the Endo.
I’m also thankful for all you guys that helped me with tips and ideas to get me through this situation.

I did had 1 hospital visit btw lol I had a wire broken off under my skin and had it surgical removed. Ugh haha all good and healed great.

Again thanks to all and thank you aetna insurance! For giving my life back!!!
Special shout out to mohe001 for her help and support!

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