Non diabetic hypoglycemia and dexcom

Hey I’m so fustrated with my insurance company.
So I have severe hypoglycemia day and night.
During day it’s around 70-100 at night it’s between 35-65
My endocrinologist told me that I need the dexcom g6 so it alarms me at night.
I don’t have tumors or anything else all my blood work is good.
But my insurance company Denied the dexcom twice and even the appeal has been denied.

What now? Can I hold my insurance company responsible for any hospital visit because they don’t want to prevent hypoglycemia?
My doctor put me on proglycem to raise my sugar but after a week of still having lows at night and suicidal thoughts during daytime I stopped this medication.
Now I’m back to square one. Still having lows and still concerned I might not wake up one day.

Insurance company is saying that the dexcom is NOT FDA approved for hypoglycemia.
But it is approved to prevent hypoglycemia. So am I just stupid or is this just bureaucracy bullsh…

Who has tips to get the dexcom in this case? Or should I just die and let my other half suit the sh… out of my insurance company?

First, regarding your survival - I’m sure you have tried dropping insulin dosages. You on syringe insulin?

Things may have changed over time. But, originally, my Doc had to file paperwork indicating that the device was ‘a medical necessity,’ in order for me to get coverage. This was long ago. There were criteria I had to meet. My Doc had a talk with me about it (because perhaps she anticipated future problems that might stem from it).

For instance, one way of proving that the device was necessary, was to state that the pt had hypoglycemic unawareness. My Doc had a talk with me about this because then this is in the medical record PERMANENTLY. Because Doctors tend to parrot whatever the Doc before them said, I still hear that repeated by new Doctors. But, I would rather have the device covered.

There may be an issue with how the paperwork was filed. They have to be like lawyers and say everything just so.

The only thing I can suggest is calling Dexcom to see if they have any ideas?

A lot of countries government health programs don’t pay for a Dexcom or even Libres, so people self fund them. But in the US the system is expensive. In the UK they self fund/pay $175 a month for reader, sensors and transmitter.

But I don’t think if you even manage to get it from another country it will work in the US?

The other alternative is to save on money by restarting the sensors, I wear mine an average of 26 days, however Dexcom is trying to stop that as soon as people figure out how to do it, so I’m not sure you can count on that.

The short answer is to contact Dexcom, they should know what your insurance company needs to hear in order to get approval.

The longer answer is to recognize that a Dexcom CGM is only going to provide you with every 5-minute information. You and your HCP will have to figure out what that info means and what actions to take.

So in the time you have between now and Dexcom approval, shipment, receipt and training, what are you doing that’s most successful for your overnights?

Is there a difference between that and the nights where you are dropping to a dangerously low level?

As @Terry4 mentioned the other day in the “What is your Superpower?” thread:

  • Seek

  • Test

  • Adopt

Wishing you the best outcome!

Also have you looked into Reactive Hypoglycemia?

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Also, don’t die on this hill. Your better half needs you and vice versa.

Seek the love and the laughter together, cry tears of unhappiness and joy together, live through the struggles and come out the other side knowing that you gave all for each other.

I hear you, this is tough. The fight and the journey are worth it.

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Given that this person was put on Proglycem, this is probably about non-diabetic hypoglycemia and thus Dexcom coverage for someone who doesn’t have diabetes.

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I’m not using any insulin I do have unawareness so I don’t feel it coming I passed out last year 13 times in a month

Off course I am not going to end my life but I can’t guarantee that I might not wake up one day

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Well I need something that wake me up at night when my glucose is low I’m eating protein shake and bar before bed I take glucose tablets on average 15 -20 a day plus I eat like 7 meals a day and still stay 136lbs lol always been this way

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Just got home from a restaurant ate a big hamburger with fries and a queso cheese dip for starter and this is how my readings are of today. The burger was at 6:15pm

Oh, shoot. There was someone similar on the forum about 6 months ago. Interesting. Tricky.

Oke any link to his or her post?

Are you in the US? Do you have a spare $1,000 to drop on a transmitter?
Maybe we could supplement you with some sensors. I would borrow you my G6 receiver, at least until this gets figured out. This is pretty serious. You shouldn’t ddie waiting for insurance to cover it. This might be a pay out of pocket situation. Can work on getting reimbursement later.

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Mohe0001 I am in the USA and wished I had a spare grant lol the transmitter is good for 3 months and don’t need a receiver right I can just use my phone pixel2 I’m now using the libre what is nice but I am always late lol so when I scan it tells me I’m low or had a low the dexcom at least should give me a alarm when I’m going under 70 and a nonstop alarm when under 50 right…

I don’t understand why my insurance company is not covering it because non diabetic hypoglycemia is just as dangerous if not worse I mean if you have diabetes it is not dropping out of the blue it is a men made error I mean then you have dosed tomuch insulin I guess. The only thing I have is my other half that might give me glucagon if I’m not waking up and he is traveling most of the time.
Thanks for your offer but I can’t accept it. You need it just as much

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Lets get this worked out.

I have a transmitter that is not dead yet. I’m not sure how much life it has in it, yet.
But, it might get you through in the mean time. Or, at least, to try it out and see if it wakes you up at night. I’m operating off of my iPhone, so I’ll be fine. I could send you a couple of sensors.

If you instant message me your address, I’ll put supplies in the mail tomorrow.
All I ask is that you send back the receiver eventually. No rush. If you need to borrow it for a while, I’d much rather have you be safe and not super stressed out. Its not a big deal.

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This is getting trickier, especially with the new lawsuit Abbot just filed to stop stuff like it, but have you considered Miao Miao??? It turns your Libre into a CGM.

I believe it is now working on the new Libre’s/ Someone here will know more about it!

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Something to do while you get things resolved about a CGM is to start eating low carb or no carb. Eating hamburgers and fries is NOT the way to do it. Reactive hypoglycemia, which you have, can be controlled by cutting out as many carbohydrates as you can… avoid potatoes, anything made with grain such as bread, cake, cookies, rice, etc. A Keto diet will help. Look into it. A change in diet might do it for you and you may not even need a CGM. Or it might tide you over until you get that issue sorted out.


This might be the thread @mohe0001 was thinking of

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I haven’t read through these but maybe they can help…