Not absorbing

Okay I have asked about this before but I just can’t take it anymore. Mt sets don’t work or my body is not absorbing the insulin.
Case in point this morning I put in a new set (quick set in my love handle area). My blood sugar was 94… an hour later 129… hour after that 145…. 156…175… 179 … no food for maybe 6 hours and still even with a little correction nothing! So I pull the set out and it was half empty like usual. I but a silhouette in my stomach and it stars to turn over.
Or it suddenly stops working after a day…. It’s not air bubbles, my insulin isn’t old, it’s never in for more than 48 -72 hours. It comes to the point where I might not eat because I can’t tell it’s going in. My pump never alarms either if I have to back in shots I don’t know what I will do. My A1C is 5.0 and I feel great when I was on shots I was riddled with panic attacks and my A1C was over 9 all the time…. I just give up.
I even work with a massage therapist to manipulate the tissue to prevent any scar tissue.

I wonder if you are brewing an infection that it is going up without food. I do not know your ways of measuring, here in the UK we measure in mmols which is obviously different, so I do not know what a low or a high is.

6 hours without food is definitely too long, even for a healthy person, let alone one who has diabetes.

I think you need to go back to your doctor and see what he has to say about it all.

Have you tried a different kind of infusion set? I have found the Mios work the best for me in terms of absorbtion…and they are the least likely (for me, anyway) to get clogged or bent. You might want to see if you can get different infusion sets and try them all out.

I know it’s not an infection cause as soon as I change the set I drop… last night I was in the 40’s twice.

Can use use Miso with minimed so far I have tried sure T, quick set and silhuette…I feel like I have tried everything.

Minimed sells the Mio and it does work with MM pumps. I have tried it but did not like it though several others have posted that they do like it and use it. If you have the same results with SureT, QS, and Silhouette, however, perhaps something else is going on. Has your endo examined your sites? Tissue?
Have you been on injections/pump long enough for your tissue to have the internal tissue scars?
Does the same thing happen when you manually inject, as an experiment?

I agree with those who say to check in with your endo.

I have a minimed Revel 723 pump and I use the 6mm MIO… It is kind of nice, because the insertion device is ALSO the storage box! It comes all in one… I’m new to pumping - but have found these convenient.

I have had some issues similar to yours - usually starting after 50 hours, but I’m starting to think that I should stay “on my front” - and avoid putting the set on my sides… The MIO that I have on now - is due to be replaced tomorrow morning - and it has worked flawlessly for me… It is placed to my right of the belly button “even height” with it… Whenever I am in doubt, I actually inject THRU the infusion set (where inserter needle comes thru it!), if it hurts or doesn’t lower my BG - I change the set!

I have used quick sets since I started, MM has sent me samples of all the others, I just have not liked the other sets. Recently I am having more trouble with bent cannulas with the quick sets, I use a 6 mm (began with 9mm). I use to apply skin tac prior to inserting the quick set, but have begun to not apply prior to inserting - almost seems to cause more bent cannulas even though no problems in the past. MM does not say there is any trouble with any quick set lot numbers (I have called and questioned, and they have sent replacement sets).
Some suggestions - a shorter or longer cannula may be needed, depending on where you insert. I only use 6 mm, but was having absorption problems when was using the 9 mm and with trial and error figured secondary to wt loss. I have read where many ppl will use different cannula lengths depending on where the insertion is.
I will have trouble with a tendency for higher sugars after a new insertion and have learned to bolus additional amounts of insulin after new insert to keep sugars level. If my sugars continue to climb (or do not decrease) within 4 hours, I assume a bad site.
Call MM and ask them to send you samples of different sets and different cannula lengths. They were very helpful with me when I tried to figure out what was causing my unexplained highs in the past.
Good luck!

maybe your adrenaline from stressing about it is making the situation worse? I go through a period every month or so of a few days where things just are not working out like they normally do. It usually resolves itself in a few days. As long as you are not going sky high, I would just try to relax and see what happens.

are you sure this is not due to you overcompensating for the numbers that dont seem to come down? Thats usually what happens to me. I see a 175, so I do a correction. 1.5 hours later its still175, so I correct again. Usually later in the evening I have a low. Frustrating, but thats they way it is

So sometimes you put in a set and it’s just a “bad” spot and you change it?

I have had more trouble with the quick sets having a bent cannula after the insertion. I have no clue why, as my technique for insertion is always the same. But if the tip of the cannula bends or kinks after you have inserted, the insulin will not absorb correctly and result in high or higher than normal sugars. That is why I try to not do a site change unless I have up to 4 hours to make sure my sugars are controlled.
Of course, you have to insert a new quick set as you cannot reuse. So if I think the new site is bad, I will insert a new set, disconnect the tubing, and hook up what is already primed, bolus a correction and wait and see if sugars will respond.
Then I call MM and complain about another quick set with a bent cannula and usually they ship me out another one.

I know I am so OCD about it!I have thought about that or sometimes just sitting at my desk makes it worse. Getting out and moving a little bit usually helps.
I wish I could be more like you… :slight_smile:

I had this happen, call medtrontic (if you have the mini med), they were very helpful to me!! my sure-T wasn’t delivering insulin, yet I didn’t get a ‘no delivery’ alarm…it appears to have been air bubble in the tube??? not sure, i saw droplets before insertion, but a day later, when I took it out to test it, got no drops, no wonder why my glucose was rising…by the time I called medtronic I was distraught, crying and exhausted from dealing with this for hours and hours, no sleep the night before etc., they were kind, understanding and helpful. I hope you get things straightened around soon, there is nothing more frustrating!!

Hi Debbie. You need a backup. If you use a syringe to give yourself a correction with the same vial as you used in your pump, you will at least find out if your insulin is OK, but more than likely the correction will work. It’s also a good idea to have a backup vial or pen of basal insulin. If you don’t have a backup basal insulin, you can give yourself a shot of your fast-acting every four hours or so during the night, an amount approximating the amount of basal your pump should be giving you. Good luck.

This may help: ALWAYS change your set just before eating. That way, you will deliver an immediate bolus and the pump should notify you if there is a delivery problem. The Minimed 522 has to be backed up by 3 units before it generates a no delivery alarm. So, if your basal rate is 0.5u/hr., it would take 6 hours before you would get the alarm. By bolusing for a meal right after set change, you will get immediate notification if there is a site problem.



I get just bad spots sometimes. I have been on a pump for 10 years, and D for almost 50, so some of the most convenient spots have been well used. Doesn’t happen often, but sometimes.

I am on my second mini med pump and have never experienced these kind of issues.

SOmetimes the cannula will bend, based on body position. I have noticed some bent ones at removal, but they haven’t caused any problems that I was aware of.

Yes I have the same problem quite often. Sometimes OK for 24 hours sometimes it dosent work straight away. I’m using omnipod. I believe it is site issues. I would change as soon as u have 2 un explained high levels.