Not all meters are created equal

I have two meters, one is from Lifescan, the other is from Diabetes Daily…I have the DD one for a back up and use the Lifescan one for daily measurements. My doc’s office can plug this into their program and get the info off of it.

Now for the problem, the DD meter read 261 this am (fbs)…I was very surprised because I have been pretty consistent in exercising and eating and meds; so I used the LS meter and it read 191…I am thinking with the stress of the other number my reading was higher than normal…but this is not just a little difference this is a lot!

So I ran a test strip on both, and both meters are reading correctly, according to their test strips…so what’s up? Batteries are new in each, never had a problem with either that I new of, so how to evaluate what my bs’ are if my meter is off. Can’;t for a new one… Other readings today have been lower by at least 50 points
between the two meters. Do I call it good and only use the one with the lowest reading, or what would you do?