Not just yet

Since I finally jumped on the blogging band wagon (probably one of the last people to do so but anyway, LOL!) I also submitted my blog to blogher. They kindly sent an email back saying that they were unable to add my blog to the blogroll at this time since I have not been consistent on blogging. But to keep up the good work and to blog at least once a week for at least 30 days and then re submit my application. Fair enough I thought as I read the email. Since it really is true I actually started my first blog post in Nov of 2007 and then it fell off for a couple months (around March I think) and then I didn’t pick up again until last month. I can say that I have been posting almost every other day for the last couple of weeks. So I plan to keep it up and re submit around the end of this month to Blogher. My goal is to encourage and inspire other people and how can I do that if I’m not consistent. So I’m taking Blogher’s constructive criticism and I’m running. Because not only am I blogging here but I have two other blogs going as well. As usual I’m jumping in head first. So wish me luck and many blessings.


Hi Andrea! Way to go with the blogging— you really did dive in head first! I just started blogging-- thanks for the info about blogher. I’ll submit my application in a few months! Take care!