Not otherwise normal (a.k.a. I hate diabetes #1,282,935)

Diabetes is just a blood sugar control thingy, right? Other than that, I'm normal, right?

I get tired of hearing that from other people. It's so untrue.

No matter how well I control my BG, there are other "diabetes things" compromised about my health that add the extra burdens we PWDs must carry, all our lives.

I'm whining about one in particular in this post: Dizzy/lightheadedness late afternoon, including sometimes balance problems (kind of like mild drunkenness), unless I have a snack.

Doesn't matter what my BG is. Doesn't matter (mostly) what I ate for lunch. If I don't eat something around 4-5pm -- nothing major, just a beef or cheese stick or something -- and down a glass of fluid (usually water), I just don't feel well. There's no connection to carb need -- I try to have no carbs at all for my snack if I can.

Have that little snack, and I'm basically okay.

Anyone else have this sort of thing going on? Should I be concerned? My doctor isn't. He said it's just part of diabetes... a lot isn't working quite the way it should.

My theory is it's some of those other digestive hormones the gut produces causing some of this, being not quite right due to the D. Also, because of insulin resistance my TDD is about 65U/day (<100g carb), which concerns me about possible hyperinsulinemia issues and side-effects.

Wise ones, please share your thoughts and ideas... thanks!

Happens to me too & it is incredibly frustrating. I can not tell you the number of times I feel like I am going to pass out & my BG is normal.

For myself I have narrowed it down to 2 possibilities.

1.) BG is on the down hill slide. This dawned on me recently when I was out with my husband. I was feeling 'wonky' & checked before heading into a store to shop. BG was at 97. Less than an hour later when I checked to eat lunch, I was down to 79.

2.) It's the body's way of saying 'feed me'!! Weird thing that changed for me after I was dx'ed was my stomach did not growl once for over a year. And since then, maybe less than 10 times. (I've been T1D for almost 4 years now)

I'll keep an eye on this thread & see what others say.

Thanks for bringing this up!

Maybe you are psychologically addicted to snacks? I love to have snacks when I get home from work but I figure it's because I got home from work, am usually happy (teenager notwithstanding...). I wouldn't say I have symptoms if I blow it off though.

What are your numbers when this lightheadedness comes on? How bout say an hour before then too???

Sounds like basic low blood sugar based on your description. Could also be blood pressure too. Either/both simultaneously possibly.

Easy answer. Eat more carbs at lunch. Not 10,000 of them but definitely more, and consistently more than you have been thus far. Try it for a week, and watch what happens. If the problem goes away, the answer was clear.

Consistently, in one particular time frame, very likely insulin is the culprit whether a peak, or sudden absorption, something is making you woozy, lightheaded. My suspects, you are free falling would be my guess