Nothing Compares to You

It came to my attention a few weeks ago that my retina specialist has left the group I'm a patient of. None of his patients are pleased with this. You see, he is the top rated retina specialist in this area for a reason. He's absolutely brilliant, compassionate, gentle, and personable. All of his patients are in an uproar and trying to figure out what happened and where he is.

Well, today I had an eye appointment. This was to be my first visit with my new retina specialist. I was a bit depressed because I kept thinking about how sad I was to lose such a great doctor. I was also hoping my new doctor would be a good one; I need a good retina specialist with all my issues.

After waiting an hour and fifteen minutes past my appointment time (which told me they were overbooked) I finally got to meet my doctor. She is kind, seems knowledgeable, and gentle. She mentioned that she was supposed to be on maternity leave but came back to cover the doctor who left (which tells me he left quite suddenly).

As for my exam, nothing has changed much. She did a quick exam which made me a bit upset. My old doctor, even when running behind and overbooked, always took the time required for a thorough exam. He never cut corners for the sake of time (or at least he was good about not seeming to). This new doctor, despite rushing, found (or at least confirmed from what she read in my file) all the same issues my old doctor had been dealing with me on. She says I still have some micro hemorrhages in my left eye and will need some more laser treatment in a few months. As for my right eye, the worse one, she says the oil will stay in permanently or else my retina will detach again. Also, I need surgery to remove scar tissue from my lens which will improve my vision.

Not happy about having the oil in my eye permanently, my old doctor said a year…maybe more. This means I’ll never be able to see adequately again.

I see her again in April. And I see my cataract surgeon in January to set up surgery to remove the scar tissue from my lens.

All in all, I’m OK with the new doctor, but no one can ever live up to the great Dr. Hunter!